Meet Leonora Bamford of My Baba Parenting Blog

Where do mums-to-be in the know head to for expert pregnancy and parenting advice? Definitely We caught up with My Baba founder, the beautiful Leonora Bamford to get behind the scenes and find out what makes her tick.


When did My Baba Launch?

I can’t believe it’s been well over 4 years now!

What led you to launch My Baba and how has it been received?

I launched My Baba as a very simple blog called The Baba Blog, when my second child was born. It was a daily piece of content going out on all things mother and baby. I was really shocked about how well it was received. Within a few months we had a substantial following and that’s when we started skiing interesting experts and guest bloggers to get involved in writing for us.

Who is My Baba for?  

Our target audience from analysing our data is mainly women aged 25-44 with a sprinkling of men, mainly England based, but spreading to 198 countries. Anyone thinking about having a baby, pregnant women, mothers, fathers, grandparents - we like to think we’ve got something for everyone!

What’s a day in your life like?

During term time it’s pretty hectic. Up at 6.30am to get myself ready before the kids wake at 7am. Mad scramble to get ready in front of Fireman Sam before a quick breakfast, and out the door by two minutes past 8. It’s pretty much a military operation. My husband and I drop the kids at school and carry on to work, where I’m usually at my desk for a few hours, catching up with Ellie on the latest content going live for the site, and the best bit which is meeting really interesting people in the same sector. I pick the kids up from school and skip home for homework, a delicious family dinner, and bed for the kids at 7pm. I like to catch up on social media and any important emails when the kids have gone to bed. If time allows, I like to go for a run with my husband before flopping into bed, hopefully before midnight.

Where does your inspiration come from?

I’m really lucky to be surrounded by inspiring people, it is cliche to say that my children inspire me on a daily basis? We get to meet so many interesting new brands, which always sparks the imagination, and I work a lot with my husband, who is easily the most inspirational and creative person I know

Was it one thing or a group of things in regards to what made your business such a


You’re making me blush! I don’t know if i could call My Baba a success yet, we’re at the walking stage, but quickening the pace all the time! People in this mother and baby sector are incredibly warm, and we’ve managed to work with some really interesting brands which always help take you to the next step. Last year, fertility guru Zita West and I launched my first product, which is a children’s multivitamin and multibioics powder that you can sprinkle on cereals, yogurts or mix into milk water or juice. It’s going down really well and we’re looking into what the next step might be.

How do you find balance? When do you feel most like yourself?

I guess all mothers have to do a bit of a juggling act, and although the weeks are often totally mad, I love to wind down and relax on a weekend, especially with the children. There are also some days in the holidays where we decide not to even get up, and relax as a family in our PJs all day. That’s my idea of bliss.

What been your proudest moment so far?

There have been a few really proud moments for us at My Baba, one being the vitamin launch last year where we had royalty attending, and the other had to be seeing our gigantic stand at Bubble London, where we were invited to be media partners which is London’s biggest trade show for kids, that was pretty cool. It’s been quite a busy year already, and we also collaborated with Meningitis Now on a #KNOWYOURSIGNS celebrity campaign  which had millions of hits on social media, and helped spread the word so people know what signs to look out for.

Who do you admire and why?

My mum. I admire all the women in my life, especially my mother, who wrote her first book aged 60 last year, and it got to Amazon’s Top 10 in Crime and Thriller in its first week.

 What is your favourite quote?

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