Luxury Baby Cots

Discover the world’s finest luxury baby cots at The Baby Cot Shop. Our stylish collection
features handcrafted cots made from solid hardwood, with upholstered or padded ends as an option. You may opt for a personalised, hand-painted cot bed with a luxury Baby Changing Unit to match. Need more storage? Then choose to have an under drawer to store linens and things. Some parents choose to have their baby's name painted or carved on to make their baby's luxury cot bed even more special.  Our timeless and beautiful upholstered cots make the perfect centrepiece for your child’s nursery and convert to toddler beds. Cots can be purchased alone or as part of a nursery room set.

Smaller cots are also available for the smaller nursery; ask about our free nurser consultation or nursery interior design service   for expert help in designing your munchkin's nursery room.
Because our nursery cots are bespoke, choose from the featured finishes or tell us your preferred colour, and we will match it.  All our cots are made with your baby's safety in mind and conform to the latest safety standard, BS EN 716-1:2017
Tribeca Tufted Cot Bed - The Baby Cot Shop, Chelsea

Tribeca Tufted Cot Bed

CHF 2,564.00

Regency Cot Bed - The Baby Cot Shop, Chelsea

Regency Cot Bed

CHF 2,355.00

Balmoral Curved Cot Bed

Balmoral Cot Bed

CHF 5,868.00

Bespoke Stylish Cot Bed

Chelsea Cot Bed

CHF 2,203.00


Notte Cot by Savio Firmino

CHF 14,698.00

Cadogan Upholstered Cot Bed - The Baby Cot Shop, Chelsea

Cadogan Upholstered Cot Bed

CHF 4,729.00

Athens Luxury Cot Bed

Athens Luxury Cot Bed

CHF 1,895.00

Kensington Cot Bed

Kensington Cot Bed

CHF 1,880.00


Juliet Cot by Savio Firmino

CHF 14,698.00

Classic Cot by Savio Firmino

Classic Cot by Savio Firmino

CHF 9,471.00

Luxury-Notte-Small-Cot-by-Savio Firmino

Notte Small Cot by Savio Firmino

CHF 11,607.00

Belgravia Cot Bed

Belgravia Cot Bed

CHF 2,175.00

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