Meet the Balmoral Nursery Furniture Collection from The Baby Cot Shop. This regal, regency-style masterpiece boasts an opulent design that takes centre stage in a baby’s nursery. The curved headboards and plush velvet interior ooze a classic, elegant, and timeless aesthetic. The collection includes the Balmoral Cot Bed, Balmoral Luxury Changing Unit and the Balmoral Wall Crown. This collection looks good paired with our Willow Luxury Baby Bedding Collection. 


Balmoral Curved Cot Bed

Balmoral Cot Bed

CHF 5,849.00

Balmoral Changing Unit | Luxury Storage | Changing Table

Balmoral Changing Unit

CHF 4,713.00

Balmoral Wall Crown

CHF 833.00

Balmoral Luxury Crib

Balmoral Mini Crib

CHF 3,104.00

Wingback Nursery Glider - The Baby Cot Shop, Chelsea

Wingback Nursery Glider

CHF 2,466.00

Balmoral Luxury Nursery Furniture Set

CHF 10,561.00

Willow Collection Full Bumper

CHF 530.00

Willow Collection Set

Willow Collection Set

CHF 875.00

Willow Collection Valance

CHF 217.00

Willow Collection Duvet Cover

CHF 212.00

Willow Collection Cushion

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