Coffee With Shai Kuzi of Diamonds Hatton Garden

At The Baby Cot Shop we are always interested in new items and new ways to bring fabulous pieces to our clients. As we have grown over the years, we have come across an exciting array of beautiful items that, curated by Toks’ expert eye of course, are things that we think our clients will enjoy. With this approach in mind, today we speak with Shai Kuzi of Diamonds Hatton Garden about their wonderful jewellery and latest designs for children. 
For over 40 years, DHG have been jewellers in Hatton Garden, if you haven’t visited the area we highly recommend it. Think of Diagon Alley in Harry Potter, you know the alley where all of the wizarding shops are? Well, Hatton Garden has this type of energy to it -  an area dedicated to a specialist industry. Indeed, the treasure trove of businesses dates back centuries as London’s jewellery district and diamond district. DHG, in addition to their engagement rings, offer bespoke diamond jewellery and, this did make us indeed gasp, loose fancy coloured diamonds. More recently, the business has expanded and has started to offer diamond jewellery for children. Catching up with Shai, we discuss the importance of design, why the jewellery trade has had to evolve and their new line of jewellery. 
Shai, thank you for speaking to us. How important is design in your pieces?
Hi Toks, thank you for your time and having us! We are familiar with your gorgeous nursery furniture and it is a real pleasure to chat with you. Much like yourself I imagine design is of the utmost importance to what we do. Firstly, we are part of a long legacy of jewellers and I believe we have a duty to continue the traditions and quality that my family have always been renowned for. When purchasing anything, or nearly anything, it goes without saying that aesthetics and design catch the eye of the buyer. Within our ready to wear items and bespoke items we always try to keep up with trends and design pieces of jewellery that not only are of the highest quality but are also beautifully designed. For example, of course we have traditional items but we also enjoy putting our own twist on pieces to elevate them through details so that they are reinvented. What’s more, all of the work we undertake is designed, cast and produced at our own workshop allowing our clients to be part of something special. Much like your own line of products, we take great pride in the design and love the reaction of clients and the public when they see our pieces.
You mention tradition, how has the jewellery industry changed?
I think there were lots of changes that were taking place before Covid and the recent pandemic has, if anything, pushed these changes even quicker. For example, one of the biggest changes within the industry has been within our design processes and the cutting of diamonds. I would say that in the last 20 years this change has been accelerated and now we use much more technology both in terms of CAD, modelling software and grading equipment. What I find particularly interesting about the industry is that it really is a mixture of traditional techniques and craftsmanship as well as cutting edge technologies. For example, take an uncut diamond. Traditionally it would be down to the cutter to assess the diamond and understand where to make cuts and decide on the yield. Now machines take care of all of this. To me it is a bit sad in a way that technology is making certain skills redundant but at the same time great design, quality and the human touch are, for me, things that can never be replaced irrespective of technology. 
I can relate to what you say about a fusion of tradition and modernity. It is something we see in our handmade furniture and bespoke items. Speaking of modernity, you have recently launched a new range of bespoke jewellery for toddlers and little ones. What inspired this?
Well! Over the years we often would get requests for little items for children such as necklaces and stud earrings and, after becoming a father, I started to understand that love and connection to my own child. It was through this experience that I felt the time was right to develop a range of pieces that could appeal to parents looking for something special for their own children. The jewellery for children essentially undergoes the same processes as adult pieces but on, of course, a much smaller scale! We really take pride in what we make for children as it's such an amazing feeling to see a parent look at their child with an item of ours on and see the love and pride in their eyes.
What tips would you suggest for a parent looking to buy an item of jewellery for their child?
Good question! I think the main point would be to choose something that they like and that suits their child. Complexion and choice of metals is important too as it can really enhance certain features and skin, eye colour combinations. Of course, it is important to think of the use of the jewellery e.g is it something you wish your child to wear all the time or is it for special occasions? Finally, I think that because of the personal nature of jewellery, buying an item for a child is very special. They may not wear it when they are bigger but the piece could always be kept as a memento or even reworked into an item of jewellery for adults. 
TBCS would like to thank all of the team at Diamonds Hatton Garden for their time and wish them the very best for their new collection. For more information and to book an appointment, visit  
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