An Interview With Alex Yellop of The Luxury Marketing Agency

In our latest blog, we speak with Alex Yellop, Director and Founder of The Luxury Marketing Agency about the agency and what makes a great campaign.

Hi Alex, great to catch up with us and it's exciting to see you once again. Tell us about TLMA?

The Luxury Marketing Agency is a full-service digital agency situated in London that specialises in Website Design and Development, Pay Per Click advertising, SEO, and Social Media services. Borne out of over 10 years experience in the industry, we help luxury brands to increase their online presence. Our luxury digital agency works with really exciting brands and  teams. For us, it's great to support businesses in their goals and work with fantastic people. 

The growth of digital agencies has been rapid over the last 15 years. How did TLMA start?

That’s a good question! As with most businesses, we started organically and have grown over the years. For myself, I worked within digital marketing across a range of industries and wanted to take the risk and create something for myself. Our teams, like myself, have gained their knowledge and experience working for other agencies and in house for other companies. From Google to top design agencies, I’m really proud of our team, their work and it’s a great experience to work with people you click with creatively and professionally. 

Where do you see digital moving in the next two years?

I think it’s a tough one to predict as the industry is constantly changing. Given the current situation I think there has been an incredibly swift move to more digital content and ensuring that businesses can work, both internally and externally, online. From e-commerce to live streams, we’re seeing a really exciting time for content production and experiences for users. In terms of the next two years, I think we will see a shift in social media (long awaited changes to the less savoury elements of the platforms) with an increase of focus on live events and audience participation. It would be difficult to not rule out the further rise of SEO and PPC too. Essentially, we have moved past the “critical mass” stage for these channels and I believe there will be further refinement for users going forward. What that means for brands and businesses is that there should be a really key focus on digital leading through to real world experiences e.g aligning the content exactly with what the product or service provides. 

What makes a great campaign?

I think a great campaign is a great campaign regardless of the channel used. For us, the start of a great campaign can be boiled down to the planning stage. Understanding the goals of a client, the metrics to measure success allows us to explore our creative ideas to achieve the goals of the client. Once planning and strategy has been discussed we move onto the asset and copy creation which is where the creativity comes in and we move away, ever so slightly, from analytics. As a luxury seo agency, we find our SEO campaigns to be one of the most rewarding out of all of the services that we provide simply because, with Google’s constant updates, it really keeps us on our toes!

What do you miss during the current situation?

Given the situation as it is we made the decision to move to remote working for the foreseeable future. The technologies that we have at hand, (Zoom, Skype etc) really allow us to work from anywhere in the world without compromising what we deliver. I do miss the social interaction with my teams, friends and family but thankfully we all are adapting to our new reality. For me, I think the biggest thing that I miss is going to the cinema. I’ve tried to recreate the experience at home with popcorn and soft drinks but it isn’t the same!

For more information about TLMA, visit or e-mail 

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