experts guide how to choose a changing unit

When designing your baby's nursery you will start with the basics, cot, mattress and a changing unit. Is a changing unit an essential? The answer is yes!


In average you will be changing your baby 12 times a day, and it is estimated that from birth to potty training you could be changing your baby around 4,500 times.

So yes! The changing table is one of the most essential items to purchase when preparing for the arrival of a baby.

Changing tables can be used for the following purposes:

  • changing your baby and toddler;
  • providing care to babies such as nasal cleansing and applying creams;
  • dressing/undressing your little one.

From the most simple designs, like the Athens Changing Unit, to hand-carved designs, like the Notte Fatata Changing Unit there are plenty of options to match your personal taste and style.

You want something that fits the space, is comfortable to use, can be used beyond childhood, and of course, is safe and sturdy.


Here are a few tips to help you pick the changing table that’s right for you.


Removable Tray:

You want something that will last beyond childhood, it is important that your unit has a removable changing top, so that you can continue to use it as a normal chest of drawers.



Select a changing table that will work within the dimensions of your baby’s nursery room. Will this will be the only place for storage in the nursery or will have additional pieces of furniture to store your little one’s necessities. Measure the changing unit and make sure you have space for it in a place away from a window.

It is important that you see that changing unit in person so you can check to see that the height is adequate for you. 


Motif Hand Painted Changing Dresser

Comfort and function: 

For this you will need to think what would be the easiest way for you to change your baby? Some parents prefer to change the baby sideways other find it more practical to change a baby facing them.

If you would like to change your baby facing you, you will need a changing unit with a deeper tray, like our The Modern Changing Unit. Normally the tray is deeper than the changing unit so that when the tray is not needed anymore it can be removed and will have more space for your little one to play.

If you prefer changing your baby sideways, you will be able to use any changing unit, you will not need a deeper tray which means your changing unit will not take as much space.

Our changing units are available with a closed front tray, as seen here, or an open front tray, as seen here, from experience petite customers prefer to have a open to have an easier access to the baby.


Safety and stability

Another important reason you should see the changing unit in person before purchasing, is that you will be able to test its stability. Give it a good shake to make sure that the tray sits securely (on top of a dresser) and is sturdy enough to hold an older child or an active child.

Check to make sure there are no recalls on the model you select.

If you do your research, ask great questions and buy from a trusted brand, you’re sure to choose the changing table that is right for you and your baby.


We hope this was helpful. Read all our Expert's Guides here.

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