experts guide how to choose your babys bedding

As a new parent, it can be daunting to leaving your child to sleep at night. Choosing the right bedding to keep your baby safe can give you some extra peace of mind, and make sure you and baby get a peaceful night’s sleep.

Baby bedding is especially important because babies can't regulate their body temperatures. You'll need to use the right baby bedding to make sure they're not too cold or too hot during the night.

New parents now have a massive range of baby products to choose from and unnecessary items in a baby’s cot can also increase the risk of accidents.


Rosebuds Embroidered Bedding


What are the essentials: 

For a cot:

  • Fitted Sheets
  • Waterproof Mattress Protector 
  • Sleeping Bags - Instead of loose blankets
  • Cot Bumper - Only after 1 year and only if your baby requires one
  • Pillows, Duvet and Soft Toys - Only after 1 year


For a Crib or  Moses Basket:

  • Fitted Sheets
  • Waterproof Mattress Protector - If the mattress is not waterproof
  • Sleeping Bags - Instead of loose blankets


Organic Waterproof Mattress Cover

Waterproof Mattress Protector:

This is placed on top of the mattress and below the fitted sheet. It protects your mattress from spills but it should still allow your mattress to breath.

Fitted sheets: 

They normally have elastics on each corner, this will allow the fitted sheet to be completely flat on top of the mattress. Make sure you buy the correct size for your Cot, Moses Basket or is important that the fitted sheet is not loose. Do not use a flat sheet instead of a fitted one, as it might become loose with the baby's movements.

Sleeping bags:

Available in sizes from newborn to one year, sleeping bags are very popular because your baby can't kick them off, which means that he is less likely to wake up because he's feeling too cold. If you are using a sleeping bag for your baby, you will only need a few bottom sheets for the cot as well.

If you use a sleeping bag that is the right size around the neck so your baby won’t slip down inside the bag. It also advises that you should never use a sleeping bag with a quilt or duvet, as it will make your baby far too hot. Sleeping bags with hood, also known as baby nests, should only be used inside the pram or when you are in constant eye contact with your baby because your baby can slip down inside the bag.

Tip: Choose a sleeping bag that’s suitable for the season - for example, a low tog one for summer (0.5 togs or 1 tog) and no more than a 3.5 tog for winter. If you buy anything higher than this, it could make your baby too hot. If your baby is sweating, or her tummy feels hot to the touch, remove some of the bedding. Don't worry if her hands or feet feel cool, this is normal.

Cot Bumper:

Should we have a cot bumper or do we need a cot bumper? This is the most common question from new parents.

At The Baby Cot Shop, the advice is always, you will not need one straight away and your baby might never need one. We only recommend bumpers if your baby moves during their sleep and are bumping their heads against the side of their cot. But before you purchase one we recommend speaking with your midwife about it. 



With so many fabrics and designs to choose from, you may be wondering which one will be the most comfortable and safe for your baby to sleep on.

Babies have very delicate skin. Its sensitivity can be very prone to allergens and infections, both of which can be found in their crib set. The synthetic materials found in some fabrics can cause rashes and irritation that can be very uncomfortable for your little one. This is why most parents opt for 100% cotton, 100% linen, 100% silk, as well as organic cotton or bamboo. Mainly because these are all-natural materials, that are less likely to cause any reaction and allergies.


We hope this was helpful. Read all our Expert's Guides here.

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