experts guide : Why You Need a Nursery Interior Designer

Many parents want to design their baby's room themselves, which is understandable; this is a memorable time as you prepare to become a parent. Getting the nursery room ready is an important process, but it can often be overwhelming. Once you begin shopping around for the best nursery furniture, baby gear and baby clothing, you will quickly find that the options are endless.

Nursery Interior Design Consultation

Common questions we get asked include:

"What layout is best?"

"Should I choose gender neutral colours or go with traditional blues and pinks?"

"What if I want an all-white nursery, will the room be boring?"

"I love grey, but isn't it too cold for the nursery?"

"I will be having a night nurse stay over, will she need a separate room?"


Our guide to designing your nursery room was written for you, based on the most common issues our clients run into. Designing your own nursery is possible, and many people do a good job of it, but when you need a proffessional interior designer, or are simply short of time, you will benefit greatfly from using a specialised interior designer.

The Interior Designiers at The Baby Cot Shop are backed by twenty years in the interior design industry, with fifteen of those years specialising in babies' nurseries, playrooms and kid's rooms.

Why should I hire a Nursery Interior Designer and not just any Interior Designer?


A Nursery Interior Designer knows the safety standards of a baby/child's furniture which are vastly different to regular residential furniture, for obvious reasons. There are safety concerns to take into consideration when planning the layout of the room; a nursery interipr designer will know this. In addition, a designer backed by years of experience understands the various stages children grow through and can make recommendations based on that. Your child's developmental needs will be considered in deciding the ideal decor, paint, wallpaper and furniture for your little one's room. If you have recently moved home and hired an interior designer, we strongly recommend hiring a nursery interior designer for your child's room. Both designers will work together to achieve your vision of a perfect home. 




The Benefits of Hiring a Nursery Interior Designer:


  • They are more knowledgeable - Nursery Interior Designers have studied and have acquired years of experience. They know what works and what doesn't. They understand the pitfalls and are familiar with lead times and potential hiccups with suppliers- so they plan for it; your interior designer will guide you in the process of a theme or look for your space, then work to achieve a beautiful home interior.


  • They will save you time - Decorating and choosing products takes time, sometimes hours, weeks or even months. When you have a career or children to look after, and you have little time left to design a new baby's room or redecorate an existing one, an interior designer will be a wise choice. It can surely save your time wondering what the best options are; it will undoubtedly prevent you from spending hours on the internet trying to settle on the perfect look for your munchkin's room.


  • They know colour - Most people stick to white, cream and other light colours as a safe choice for nursery room decor and then find it too bland. As you know, colour plays an essential role in your child's development and can be the difference between a serene nursery room and an overly stimulating one. When you consult an interior designer, you will be surprised at how they can play with a variety of colours making the room reflect your preferred nursery ambience.


  • They Know the Best Tradesmen - Do you need a door removed or added? A carpet changed? An interior designer will have a trusted tradesman that can do this for you to the best standards. Interior designers typically work with the same tradespeople, backed by years of experience. To make sure they deliver the best in each project.


  • They are Detail Oriented - Interior designers are detail-oriented and look into every design detail. They consider functionality as well as aesthetics. They will be able to add a lot more than just what you have imagined, including style and type of lightning, furnishings, accessories and all the other details of your interior. Little details and finishing touches can upgrade a room from tacky to tranquil.


  • They know Quality - One of the best parts about hiring an interior designer is that they only work with high-quality products. They have seen the furniture in person and can tell the difference between high-quality and made to look like high-quality. Nursery designers are accustomed to working with clients that expect the best, and that is what an interior designer provides. Many designers rely on word of mouth for growth and understand their reputation thrives on their delivery. Did you know, for example, that at The Baby Cot Shop, we do not construct our furniture with pine? Pine is a type of softwood that splinters when damaged; this can be dangerous for little ones. Did you also know that not all paint is safe for children? A nursery interior designer is well-versed in these areas and will guide you into making the best choice. 


  • Safety standards - A Nursery interior designer will know the baby industry furniture safety standards and beyond. For example, there are recommended heights for cot bed mattresses and a required gap between the bars on the side rails. Baby Mattresses also come in different types, with organic baby mattresses being our standard.


  • They know what you really need - A Nursery interior designer will know exactly what you need in the nursery as well as in your bedroom for the baby's arrival. They will have a list of nursery essentials and will only make your purchase what is required. They can also advise on the best layout of the nursery room, taking your lifestyle and activities into consideration.


At The Baby Cot Shop, we offer a Full Nursery Design Service, as well as a complimentary consultation to help you identify your specific requirements.


Full Interior Design

Ideal if you want us to oversee the entire project. This is for parents who are time-poor or require a professional touch.

The service includes:

  • In-home consultation
  • Physical mood board showing the design
  • Fabric & Paint Samples
  • Supply of tradesmen
  • Full project management
  • Styling & fitting the space
  • Flat fee £2500 per room plus travel expenses.
  • Project Management fee equivalent to 10% of the project



Complimentary In-store Consultation

In-store consultation is ideal if you are hands-on and have enough time to devote to the project. The consultation will take place in our Kings Road Boutique and can be done remotely by video, email or telephone. Book your consultation by email at

 Questions? Ask us.

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