experts guide how to choose your babys moses basket

If you have arrived at that point in your pregnancy where you are searching for your baby first bed this guide is made for you.


Experts recommend that your baby sleeps in the same room as you for the first 6 months of life. This is where Moses Baskets, Cradles and Cribs come in. 

If you are looking for something that can be used for the first 6 months then head over to our Expert Guide for Bassinets/Cribs.

If a bassinet is too big to fit in your room or you simply need something you can lift and move around easily then the Moses basket is what you  are looking for. 

Carolina Luxury Cream Moses Basket

Carolina Moses Basket in Cream

What is a Moses Basket?

Named after Moses in the Bible whose mother placed him afloat the river in a woven basket, Moses Baskets have been a traditional option from time immemorial. The traditional Moses Basket is woven from Palm or Wicker, Palm being the softer, flexible option. The wicker style basket have a more rigid structure along. Both Moses Basket styles feature secure, integrated handles so it can be carried from room to room. A safety recommendation is to always place one hand under the basket for additional support. Moses Baskets come with optional stand, which we recommend to avoid draught from hitting the basket. We offer 2 finishes of Moses Basket Stands. One thing to remember is that the Moses Basket lasts for the first 3 months.


How long can a baby sleep in a Moses basket for?

Up till age three months. Moses Baskets are designed for newborn babies to age three months or twelve weeks and you must not use it beyond this for safety. Once your baby starts to lift his.her head and chest, it's time to transition from Moses Basket to a crib or cot. However, Moses Baskets are suitable for all day and all night sleeping, they are a safe and practical option for newborn baby's first bed.


At what age should baby move my baby from a Moses basket to a cot?

The answer? Cots can be used from newborn. Moses Baskets create a cosier sleeping space for your baby, and make a great first bed, but you can use a cot from day one. Some parents use a cocoon or nest like the Amelie Baby Nest in the cot to create a cosier sleeping area, but you can place a one day old baby in a cot. Now for safety purposes, you should not use the Moses Basket for longer than three months. 


Moses Basket stands, are they all the same size?

One question we get a lot is 'Can I use my existing Moses Basket stand for my Moses Basket?" It's hard to tell because Moses baskets are roughly, but not exactly the same size. In addition, some stands are made for specific baskets. Our suggestion is to take your existing basket into the store and try it out. A word of advice if you've been gifted a pre-loved Moses basket, make sure you order a new mattress for it. The Baby Cot Shop offers bespoke mattresses made to any size or shape, you can choose between standard foam and organic Moses basket mattresses. Remember to order a bespoke fitted sheet to go- in your required size.


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