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Congratulations :) With so many cots on the market, choosing the perfect cot for your baby can be a daunting process. Our guide to buying a baby cot will leave you feeling confident about your purchase. You've certainly come to the right place if you are shopping for cots. One of the challenges many of our clients face when the process begins is that they all look the same. Our range of stylish baby cots was designed for parents like you who want something unique, with personality and the flexibility to have exactly what you want for your baby's nursery room.


Some cots come with upholstered or padded ends, others come with slats all around. But let's look into the technical aspects forst before we get into styles and designs.



What Cot Size Options do I have?

The UK has two main dimensions of cots. The more common cot-bed measures 70 x 140cm internally and converts to a toddler bed which you can use can up until your baby is aged 4 or 5. The cot, on the other hand, measures 60 x 120cm and generally does not convert to a bed. It should last until your baby is approximately 2 to 3 years of age. The cots are ideal for smaller nursery rooms- remember to order the correct size of an organic baby mattress when you purchase your cot or cot bed.

Organic Baby Mattress 

What Material is my Cot Made From?

You may already have noticed that cots made from different materials with the options being wood, iron and acrylic. Your choice depends on your preference. Wood cots tend to be the most popular as they are natural and sustainable- and even then, are made with different types of wood. We use hardwood in the production of our cots because it is more durable and will last for decades; it means less impact on the environment as you can pass it down to the next generation. Hardwood cots are sturdy and can be heavy due to the nature of the wood used, which means you can rest assured your little darling is in a safe space. Bespoke Cot Beds  have the advantage of being versatile and are used for vintage or novelty designs like the Notte Cots.

Notte  Cot by Savio Firmino

Choose your Cot Design and Style

Gone are the days when a cot lacked aesthetics and resembled a wooden box. Today you have stylish modern cotsupholstered cots, and even period-style cot beds. With options like these, you can design your nursery in any design style from a french or vintage nursery design to contemporary or traditional country. Other factors, like your nursery interiors, come into play when it comes to the nursery room design. Our upholstered cot beds give you the option of a professionally-designed nursery because you can choose a fabric that coordinates with the nursing chair, curtains and linens.



 Tribeca Cot Bed with Padded Ends

What Finish Will your Cot Have?

Finish options can either be painted or left natural- for wooden cots. Make sure that the cot you are purchasing is finished with child-safe paint. We paint our furniture with child-safe colours, and because we make them to order, you can choose from a wide range of colours. Our cots have several layers of paint which give a velvety-smooth finish making it less prone to scratches. All paints used in The Baby Cot shop furniture is environmentally friendly and certified as Child-Face under BS EN71-3: 2013, which is the same paint used for toys. You can also opt for a distressed finish to give the appearance of a time-honoured furniture piece. Whitewash uses a watered-down paint which allows you to see the graining of the furniture. You may prefer a natural look with shows the wood with a bio-oil finish. We have had customers who did not want any finish on their cots, and that's possible. But be aware that raw wood is prone to marks and staining.


Will my Cot Be Functional?

Most cots have two or more mattress height levels. The highest point is suitable from newborn until your baby starts to move about and then the level should be lowered. This is necessary for safety reasons so they don't fall over. Some older designs have a 'drop-side' which makes reaching for the baby easier; drop-side system has raised concern in a few countries like the USA and Australia.

Majestic Gold Collection Full Bumper

We hope this was helpful. Read all our Expert's Guides here.

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