The Most Magical Finishing Touches Every Baby Nursery Needs

When designing your sweetheart’s nursery, we love looking at the finer details. These small, beautiful additions make a big impact to their snuggly space, so get ready to jazz things up. One thing’s for sure, your baby’s nursery isn’t complete without these delightful magical finishing touches…  
Charming Wall Art
There’s nothing better than wall art to create an adorable atmosphere in their setting. So much more than just a decoration, pictures can touch hearts, bring joy and uplift us every time we walk into a room. Seeking some unique, beautiful art for your darling’s hub? Get ready to melt over the Voyages Hot Air Balloon and Giraffe Mummy & Me prints, which instantly brighten their space. These are ones you’ll treasure forever.  
A Dreamy Canopy
Drooping elegantly over your little one’s bed, a canopy adds dreamy, fairy-tale vibes. The most charming addition to their haven, they add character and a sense of magic. Plus, a canopy doesn’t have to be reserved for their bed – this floating drape can be used as a den cover, reading space or nursery décor too. Once you invest in this, it’ll quickly become the most eye-catching feature in their room. We’re loving the sandy pink Grace Rose Collection Canopy and navy Royal Blue Collection Canopy.  
A Magical Rug
Fact: no nursery is complete without a standout rug. At The Baby Cot Shop, our charming rugs come in all shapes and sizes, but luckily they’re also luxuriously soft and comfortable to play, sit and bond on (so it’s a win-win). Add a pop of colour into their room, courtesy of these bold, adventurous rugs – the Orange Rainbow Rug and Washable Pink Mountains Rug  
Personalised Nursery Furniture
There’s nursery furniture and then there’s personalised furniture. Whether it’s an icon of their favourite thing (from a puppy to a palm tree) on a wardrobe or their name beautifully written on the headboard of their cot, there are a handful of bespoke, meaningful options at The Baby Cot Shop.   
Nostalgic Wallpaper
If you didn’t already know, we love wallpaper at The Baby Cot Shop. However you decide to design your darling’s den, wallpaper evokes a sense of calm, happiness and storytelling. Creating a theme, brightening up a space and adding a touch of style to their room, you’ll want to choose a timeless wallpaper with whimsical, playful vibes. Currently on our hot list are the Animalis Multi Wallpaper and Woods and Stars Beige Wallpaper  
An Exquisite Magical Light
It’s easy to overlook lights when thinking about nursery décor. But once you see how gorgeous they can be and how they can transform their room, you’ll never overlook them again. Whether it’s the hand-painted Cottage Nightlight or traditional Hot-air Balloon Pendant Light, these magical finishing touches offer cosiness and warmth like no other.  
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