Premium Christmas gifts from The Baby Cot Shop that will last for years

What’s better than a Christmas gift? One that lasts them years, of course. There’s nothing better than seeing your little one grow and enjoy their Christmas gifts throughout the year, so whether it’s baby’s first Christmas or you’re looking for kids Christmas gifts from our boutique store in Chelsea, take note of these top picks for Christmas shopping 2022

Personalised Modern Bed for Girls and Boys 

If your tot is ready for their very own bed, surprise them with the Personalised Modern Bed for Christmas 2022. Not only is it a timeless and classic design, but it can be completely personalised to your child. Choose a hand-painted design on the headboard, from a beautiful motif symbol to their name or initials. They’ll feel special and important when their bed is customised just for them – and even better, we can confidently say they’ll get into bed a lot less reluctantly when it looks like this.  

Personalised Modern Bed for Boys - The Baby Cot Shop, Chelsea

Child’s Painted Table and Chair Set

Need children’s Christmas ideas? We’re all about long-lasting kids' Christmas gifts. Providing them with years of playtime, eating and creativity, this table and chair set (complete with its teddy bear picnic design) will always come in handy for toddlers. Whether it’s for them to have their dinner on, play tea time with their favourite toys or get messy with arts and crafts, you’ll be forever grateful that you treated them to this for Christmas. 

Child's Painted Table and Chair Set - The Baby Cot Shop, Chelsea

Classic Bunny Blankie

Seeking a Christmas stocking filler gift that will last them years? Look no further than the Classic Bunny Blankie – one of those gifts for Christmas that will come with you everywhere. A small toy comforter with a super-cute bow, it’s the perfect pick to encourage independence and help soothe them when they’re in new surroundings. The idea behind it is that they’ll start to play and snuggle with it at home, so when they’re out and about, it slowly becomes a familiar item to comfort them, (perfect if you’re visiting a new place or travelling). Comforters are also known to help your little one feel calm in their own bed at night. And there’s nothing better than the gift of good sleep for parents, right?

Classic Collection Bunny Blankie

Luxury Rocking Horse in Mahogany

A traditional nursery isn’t complete without this Rocking Horse. The most delightful Christmas gift for your child, they’ll love playing make believe and rocking on it. It’s hand-crafted in the most premium mahogany wood, which looks charming amongst any nursery interiors (be it traditional, modern or themed). Looking for something less traditional? Go for the Ahoy! Rocking Boat

Luxury Rocking Horse - Mahogany

Grace Rose Moses Basket

Your baby’s first Christmas is one of those special milestones you’ll never forget. Not sure what to get a newborn for Christmas? The Grace Rose Moses Basket is the most practical choice. An elegant, snug sleeping hub for your baby to rest, relax and nap in, it comes complete with a decorative quilt, pillow and fitted sheet. Specifically for newborn babies up to 3 months, your guests will love admiring your little bundle from this stunning moses basket. 

Grace Rose Moses Basket


Becoming Mama Journal

Expecting a baby? Christmas shopping 2022 should be about you too! It’s time to treat yourself to this pregnancy journal, which is everything you need to feel whole. Reflect, document and write down affirmations to help you feel calm, whilst you’ll love the featured list of baby names, hospital bag packing list and pages to jot down doctor appointment notes.  Whether you’re a mum-to-be, a new mum or have been a mum for years, journalling is hugely beneficial, helping to strengthen memory, alleviate stress and allowing you to feel fully present and grateful.


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