Meaningful Symbols Every Uplifting Baby Nursery Needs

When nursery décor has symbolic meanings, it makes us smile even more. These can be small, subtle symbols on linen prints or big, bold items such as fluffy rugs. Whichever tickles your fancy, you won’t regret picking one of these décor designs to add a meaningful touch to their magical space. Introducing the symbols that should be on your radar…
symbols rainbow Rainbows are powerful symbols for so many people, especially pregnant mums-to-be. After all, they’re a visual reminder of hope after tough times, positivity, good luck and new beginnings. And when it comes to nursery décor, rainbows add a pop of colour and joy. It’s fair to say they’ve been trending since 2020 and throughout our Interiors of Hope campaign, which is why we suggest jumping on the bandwagon. Get ready to feel uplifted every time you walk into their cosy haven, courtesy of the Orange Rainbow Rug and Hope, Love and Kindness rainbow wall print trio.   
symbols sunflower Floral fever is taking over nurseries once again (it’s no wonder it trends year after year). This season’s top pick? Sunflowers. These bright, radiant flowers instantly brighten up their nursery, whilst representing happiness, loyalty and vitality. We recommend hanging these two sunflower wall prints in their nursery for a beautifully bright vibe – hello Sunflower Bouquet Art Print and Sunflower Nursery Art Print  
Hot air balloon
symbols hot air balloon If you love symbols that represent journeys and how far you’ve come, opt for hot air balloon nursery décor. Charming and enchanting, they denote freedom, serenity and happily ever afters. With an innocent, whimsical feel, it’s no wonder hot air balloon décor is a top pick for A/W21 nurseries. Seeking some wall art? Pick the Voyages Hot Air Balloon Print. Looking for a chic fitted cot sheet? The Hot Air Balloon Fitted Sheet by Atelier Choux is an adorable touch.   
symbols boat Ahoy! Boats have always been a firm favourite when it comes to nursery design, but there’s more than meets the eye. Symbolising a voyage and journey, nautical décor adds a timeless feel to every nursery, making them perfect for traditional rooms and ultra-modern spaces. For a bespoke boat theme, check out the Motif Hand Painted Wardrobe for Boys with it’s sweet boat icon, which can also be tailored to your nursery style. Looking for a girly alternative? Pick the Personalised Modern Wardrobe for Girls  
symbols compass Chances are you’ve seen plenty of compass designs in baby nurseries. Well, there’s a reason why compasses are so baby-friendly. Their symbolism is incredibly meaningful – they signify direction, safety and comfort (just what a nursery should embody). Incorporate a compass into their sweet setting by opting for one hand-painted on the Personalised Modern Cot Bed. We love that you can have your baby’s name written on the head and footboard with a unique symbol of your choice.   
symbols leaf Botanical themed nurseries hold a powerful energy to them –  they connect you and your baby with nature without being outside. An easy way to sport the trend? Leaves. Representing fertility, new life and growth, they’re all about fresh starts and new seasons (making them very fitting for autumnal nurseries). Want to light up their nursery with leaves? Start with the Mustard Leaf Rug, which stands out as soon as you walk in. Made from 100% cotton, it’s ultra-soft for play time, wriggling about or reading stories on.     
symbols giraffe Animal prints belong in all baby nurseries because, well, they’re just so adorable. When it comes to choosing the animal, giraffes are amongst the most popular picks. Why? These confident yet gentle creatures represent guidance, safety and leadership (as they can see far above their fellow species), so there’s nothing sweeter to frame in their snuggly cocoon. For the most elegant giraffe wall print, grab the Giraffe Mummy & Me Print, which displays the sweet bond a giraffe and her calf share. Utterly beautiful.   
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