How to Choose Nursery Décor Based on Your Mum Style

Designing a nursery and not sure where to begin? You’ll want to look closer to home for inspiration – and we’ are referring to YOU! Yes, your mum style says a lot about how you should design baby’s nursery (and your little bundle will naturally adore their mum’s design taste, even if they can’t say it in words). Here’s how to do it…
DÉCOR DETAILS: Ornate & embellished
If you sway towards luxurious purchases and like to treat yourself, you’ll want to opt for a beautifully embellished nursery. That means choosing adorable baby furniture with intricate designs, jewelled details and gold furnishings. Our top pick? The Notte Fatata Changing Unit from The Baby Cot Shop – a charming changing table complete with an iconic gold teddy bear, rose, star, butterfly, dolphin and horse drawer handles. Super-cute, right?
luxury nursery changing unit
DÉCOR DETAILS: Bold & colourful
Does loud, proud and driven sound like you? If positive mantras, public speaking and networking are your styles, you’ll want your baby’s nursery to ooze confidence too. Kit your mini-me out with a bold and colourful room they’ll be inspired by for years to come (and don’t be afraid of clashing colours). Look no further than the Rainbow Rug from The Baby Cot Shop, which will give you all the good vibes as you bond and play together.
Luxury Handmade Rugs
DÉCOR DETAILS: Adventure & wilderness
Calling all explorers! This is your chance to inspire your baby, big time. Chances are, when you incorporate nursery décor inspired by animals and adventure, your little one will become inquisitive about the world around them (just like their mama is). Prepare to swoon over the Animalis Multi Wallpaper from The Baby Cot Shop, designed in safari-style and packed with elephants, giraffes, lions and crocodiles.
DÉCOR DETAILS: Cosy & chic
If you’re a homely soul, chances are you love staying in, baking and creating. After all, home is where the heart is. Design baby’s nursery with a snug, warm décor to inject a magical feel, like boucle fabrics, minimalist art and authentic wood furnishings. For ultimate relaxation in your nursery, go for the Wingback Rocking Chair from The Baby Cot Shop, which gently glides as you feed, read or bond with baby.
DÉCOR DETAILS: Sustainable & soothing
Eco-conscious lifestyles are trending and have been for a while now – especially when it comes to mums (reusable products and sustainable fabrics are fast becoming the norm). If you want to go green and create an environmentally-friendly nursery, incorporate indoor plants, plastic-free toys and organic cotton in your décor. And when they’re ready to transition to a toddler bed (around 1 ½ years old) the Linen and Bamboo Duvet Cover from The Baby Cot Shop is super gentle for sensitive and eczema-prone skin. Lush!
The Baby Cot Shop Interior Design Service
Looking for a personal nursery stylist to take your vision from Pinterest board to reality? Whatever your mum style, The Baby Cot Shop Interior Design Service is here to design and build the nursery of your dreams, whether it’s a traditional, ultra-modern, themed or entirely unique nursery, kids bedroom or playroom.
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