'Home Away From Home' - How to Create a Second Baby Nursery

Have you heard of a second nursery? The perfect sleeping space for trips to grandparents or elsewhere, this is baby’s ‘home away from home’. As your little one is outside their usual snoozing environment, it’s important to pick interiors, décor and furniture that ooze warmth. Here’s how to design a peaceful and luxurious second nursery…
Soft and creamy colours work wonders in a baby room, especially if it’s their second nursery. With instant calming effects, these hues offer a sense of zen and serenity. Decorate and paint your little one’s second nursery with muted shades of beige, cream, brown and white for a cosy vibe, whilst if you’re looking for a vibrant shade, pick mint green – associated with nature and tranquillity.
Luxury Cot on Wheels
Their ‘home away from home’ needs to be simple and practical for family or friends to take charge. Our top picks? The Modern Cot Bed with Wheels, designed to move out of the way if you have a compact space and the Kensington Changing Unit, featuring seven drawers of storage and a removable changing unit (so it’ll still come in handy post-nappy changing). Mums love these multi-purpose furniture pieces for baby’s second nursery. 
Luxury Glider
When you’re looking for second nursery furniture, pieces they’re familiar with will help baby feel at ease. If, for example, you’re planning on staying with family regularly, you may want to buy the same cot and mattress you have at home. Or for a fuss-free bedtime routine outside your normal walls, opt for the soothing Salome Nursery Glider rocking chair. Even if it doesn’t feature in baby’s main nursery, the gliding motion and overstuffed cushions will make feeding, story and bedtime ultra-relaxing.
The Baby Cot Shop Interior Design Service
Looking for a personal nursery stylist to create your baby’s second nursery? With over 10 years’ experience, The Baby Cot Shop Interior Design Service is here to design, plan and build the nursery of your dreams, whether it’s their first or ‘home away from home’ nursery, kids bedroom or playroom. 
Start your journey here.  
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