Dopamine Décor for Autumn: How to splash a nursery with the happiest interior trend

If you’ve not heard of dopamine décor, you’re about to discover the happiest interior trend in history. The best news: it’s big for autumn 2022. So what is it? It’s all about choosing décor, colours and patterns that can actually impact your mood, making you and your little one feel happy, calm and positive. Step this way for the most uplifting décor from The Baby Cot Shop that’s sure to make their nursery or bedroom a happy hub…

Fun lights

There are ordinary room lights and then there are fun lights. Why choose the latter? Because we say it’s a dopamine décor rule for autumn. As the evenings get darker earlier, you’ll want to pick lights that create a cosy glow whilst filling your little munchkin with awe and wonder. Cue the dimmable LED Unicorn Light and Diplodocus Lamp from The Baby Cot Shop – there’s nothing better than these creatures to brighten up their room whilst getting their imagination flowing for playtime and storytime. Best of all, they look great in animal-themed nurseries, which are top picks for parents.  

Unicorn Lamp | Lighting | Little Lights

Soothing wallpaper

Serene autumnal wallpaper certainly counts as dopamine décor. A calming hue that’s cosy for autumn is the way to do it. And of course, you don’t have to decorate all their walls with this shade – simply opt for soothing wallpaper on one feature wall for maximum impact. Take note of the colours that are all the rage right now: pumpkin orange, warm yellow, caramel brown and terracotta red. These unisex tones effortlessly elevate any baby’s nursery and your mood, making you feel comforted and warm. Our top pick for autumn 2022? Wychwood Melon Orange Wallpaper, which gives us all the seasonal vibes whilst beautifully showcasing blooming trees, rolling English hills and sweet little creatures. 

Orange Wallpaper | autumn


Positive mantras

Having positive words or mantras on their nursery wall is hugely beneficial, especially to you as a parent. Why? It’s known that repeating positive affirmations daily improves your mood, overall happiness and perspective, meaning it can really impact your day for the better. Whilst your baby can’t read just yet, these subliminal messages will be just as meaningful and powerful as they grow. And there’s nothing better to give you a dose of encouragement as you parent day by day. Hang the Hope Rainbow Print and Kindness Rainbow Print above their changing unit for a dreamy dopamine décor pick. 

Kindness Rainbow Inspirational Art


Smiley pieces

It’s true, smiling is infectious. So if you’re searching for subtle dopamine décor, look out for smiling toys and ornaments that carry emotion. We’ve got two top smile-worthy options – Fleury Daisy by Jellycat, a smiling flower toy that brightens up any room and the My Little Sweetie Mother Figurine, a stunning ornament that represents the unique bond between a mother and their child. These special pieces are guaranteed to make you smile for autumn and beyond.


Jellycat Soft Toys
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