Clutter-free nursery hacks and essentials from The Baby Cot Shop

It’s time to tackle the clutter in your little one’s nursery, once and for all! Why? A clutter-free baby nursery room is a more efficient, practical and enjoyable space for you and your little one. Plus, a space with storage solutions means less stress for you, making it easier to tidy up and arrange in the future. Read on for our top baby nursery room ideas, hacks and essentials from The Baby Cot Shop…

Hack #1: Create zones

Making zones around your baby’s room enables you to create organised spaces – think books in one corner, baby toy storage in another and nappy changing nursery storage within easy reach. Why should you create zones for your baby room design? Not only does it look neat, clean and more organised, it will also help you (and them) find what they’re looking for in less time. Plus, when it comes to tidying up, it’ll be even quicker knowing where all the designated areas are. Remember to declutter any items you no longer need along the way – donate them, give them to a friend or store them elsewhere to save space. Ta-da!

Top buys from The Baby Cot Shop:

Train Vagon Pouff Set by Savio Firmino


Noel Fabric Storage Basket in Cream  

Hack #2: Discreet storage for the win 

We love nursery storage solutions that don’t look like typical storage solutions. Let’s face it, hidden storage gives a tidy and stylish feel. The it-doesn’t-look-like-storage concept is continuously trending for parents, because we all want to feel like we’re under control of our baby nursery room. Say hello to discreet storage solutions in the form of nursery chair footstools and stunning beds for big kids. Trust us, they’ll make you feel like a declutter champion. 

Top buys from The Baby Cot Shop:

Salome Nursery Glider Chair (Footstool)

Castle Bunk Bed 


Hack #3: Practical storage solutions 

Looking for nursery room ideas that make your life easier? Introducing multi-purpose nursery storage. What is it? Nursery furniture with a 2-in-1 concept, offering you a surface for your child with built-in storage solutions. Look to a four-drawer changing unit for a baby changing station with generously sized drawers to store their nappies, clothes and daily essentials underneath. Or pick a cot bed with integrated storage – a nifty way to store their bedtime essentials when you need them quickly, such as pyjamas, toys and books.

Top buys from The Baby Cot Shop:

Regency Changing Unit 

Athens Luxury Cot Bed


Hack #4: Clutter-free colour schemes 

Newsflash: decorating a baby nursery room with too many colours can make their space feel cluttered, even if it isn’t! Our top tip: create your own mood board, choose 2-3 colours as part of your baby room design and stick with them to decorate walls, carpet, wall art and bedding. Of course, that’s not to say you can’t feature any other colours in their nursery, but keeping to a few hues makes it easier to match with items, fabrics, patterns and designs (as well as creating a cleaner look). Not sure where to start? Choose white, grey and beige or green, mustard and white for a modern, unisex feel. 

Top buys from The Baby Cot Shop:

Wood and Stars Off White Cream Wallpaper

Natural Lambswool Rug


Hack #5: Baby toy storage

Fact: toys can take up a huge amount of space in a baby nursery room, so as part of your declutter routine, look for space-saving playtime items. This includes small cuddly toys and make-believe play that acts as its own nursery storage solution, like dollhouses, toy kitchens and dolls cots. Remember, you don’t need to have all their toys out at once – in fact, when there are a selected range of toys out, your little one is more likely to focus on playing with them (instead of being overwhelmed by many toy options around them).

Top buys from The Baby Cot Shop:

Buttercup by Jellycat 

Fleury Daisy by Jellycat




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