5 Positive Affirmations to Practice Whilst Prepping a Baby Nursery

Mums-to-be, listen up. We know pregnancy and prepping for your baby can be daunting and overwhelming. But did you know that practising positive affirmations can uplift you and put you in a positive mindset? Say these affirmations whilst designing your nursery of dreams to feel grounded and calm
1.“Each day brings me closer to my baby”
postive affirmation 1 Feeling a little anxious during pregnancy? This positive affirmation will resonate with you. Whether you’ve just found out you’re expecting or project nursery is almost complete, this quote offers hope and guidance. It’s best practised alongside deep breathing, so remember to inhale for 4 seconds through your nose and exhale for 7 seconds through your mouth. The result? A newfound sense of acceptance and serenity.   
2. “I am fully in control, powerful and where I’m meant to be” 
postive affirmation 2 For an instant uplift, repeat this to yourself. This powerful statement will help you feel worthy and confident because, well, it’s true – and you’re doing an incredible job mama! Creating the most special hub for your little bundle to be? Remember to sit back, take it all in and smile. Oh – and treat yourself to the Madison Nursery Glider as a well done for growing a perfect little human inside you. It’s ideal for bonding time, reading or cuddle o’clock with baby.   
 3. “Inhale peace, exhale tension”
postive affirmation 3 It’s normal to feel like you’re constantly rushing around, so here’s how to slow things down. Stand still or sit down, breathing deeply and focusing on a calm colour (like blue). Visualise it and let it surround you – imagining the shade is consuming every part of your body. This is a great way to quickly unwind when you’re feeling stressed. And when it comes to your nursery checklist, let us help with the most practical buys – start with a seven drawer changing unit like the Cadogan Changing Unit, a moveable cot such as The Modern Cot Bed on Wheels and an ultra-supportive rocking chair like the Salome Nursery Glider.    
4. “I am surrounded by love, support and joyfulness – and so is this nursery” 
postive affirmation 4 As you look at the exquisite nursery you’ve created, you should feel proud. After all, you’ve designed a space with love and care – and that’s the greatest gift you can give your little prince or princess. So repeat this affirmation next time you walk into their snuggly setting. Go one step further and decorate the room with a gorgeous Mummy & Me wall print such as the Zebra Mummy & Me Print or Elephant Mummy & Me Print, both inspired by the most special maternal bond.  
5. “My baby knows how and when to be born and I wait patiently for its arrival”
postive affirmation 5 This is a meaningful positive affirmation for the third trimester. More often than not, we have a lengthy to-do list during the last few months of pregnancy – writing our birth plan, packing our hospital bags and trying to plan ahead. But the one thing you can’t control? When your mini me will make its entrance into the world. For a sense of relaxation, let this affirmation be your daily mantra. You could also try to distract yourself by doing things you love, like going for walks, pampering yourself or our personal favourite, adding the finishing touches to their nursery. Our top picks? The Washable Heart Rug and Hot-Air Balloon Pendant Light  
Let us do the work for you: Introducing The Baby Cot Shop’s Interior Design Service
elegant nursery banner Pregnant and looking for a personal nursery stylist to take your vision from Pinterest board to reality? The Baby Cot Shop Interior Design Service is here to design and build the nursery of your dreams, whether it’s a traditional, ultra-modern, themed or entirely unique room. Start your journey here.    
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