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Welcome to our world of luxury nursery furniture collections, designed to captivate and inspire your precious newborn baby. With our unique baby furniture designs, elegance meets functionality, creating a haven of comfort for your little one.
Explore our exclusive baby furniture sets and embark on the journey of curating a nursery that exudes sophistication and tenderness. Welcome to a world of Luxury Nursery rooms!
Tribeca Tufted Cot Bed - The Baby Cot Shop, Chelsea

Tribeca Tufted Cot Bed


Regency Cot Bed - The Baby Cot Shop, Chelsea

Regency Cot Bed


Regency Luxury Nursery Changing Unit

Regency Changing Unit


Cadogan Upholstered Cot Bed - The Baby Cot Shop, Chelsea

Cadogan Upholstered Cot Bed


Tribeca Luxury Baby Changing Unit

Tribeca Changing Unit


Kensington Luxury Changing Unit with four drawers

Kensington Changing Unit



Notte Cot by Savio Firmino


Balmoral Wall Crown


Bespoke Stylish Cot Bed

Chelsea Cot Bed


Kensington Cot Bed

Kensington Cot Bed


Set of Table and 4 Chairs By Savio Firmino

Classic Table and Chairs By Savio Firmino



Classic Rocking Chair By Savio Firmino


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