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Many new parents struggle to find high-quality nursery furniture that is both unique and safe for their baby. At The Baby Cot Shop, based in Chelsea, we supply beautifully crafted bespoke furniture to help parents like you create a uniquely enchanting and cosy space for your little darling to sleep and play. Remaining practical whilst being stylish, our extraordinary items are sure to add some magic to any space. As our furniture and select decor is made to order, each item is distinct and special; personal to your family so that it can be passed down for generations. This attention to detail allows you to create furniture and décor that will perfectly fit with your chosen nursery theme. Each product is made to the highest safety standards by seasoned artisans using traditional methods of craftsmanship and select, eco-friendly materials to ensure that your little one experiences the very best of the best.

our Mission

We promise to create an inspiring, unforgettable space for your little one while providing you with an exceptional, stress-free experience

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