Ethical Sourcing

At The Baby Cot Shop, we seek to conduct our business to the highest possible ethical standards. We view ourselves as partners not only with our suppliers, but with the environment as well. We ensure that the processes used and the workrooms where the goods are produced comply with current health and safety standards. We make sure that our products are created in safe environments by workers who are treated well and paid fairly for work in legal conditions.


We use natural materials in our products, avoiding the use of chemicals wherever possible. For example, our mattresses are 100% organic, made from only natural materials such as organic lambswool sourced from Soil Association local farms.



As our items are made-to-order, we minimise waste that can often be created by mass-produced items. Equally, the heirloom quality of our furniture and decor ensures that they are passed down for generations, instead of being disposed of and directed to landfill.


Where we work with third party suppliers, we only do so with those who respect the environment throughout production and manufacture of their goods, ensuring your little darling has the best of the very best.

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