What to Have in Place Before Your Baby Arrives: A Guide for Expectant Mothers


With your due date approaching, it is only normal that you begin prepping for your baby's arrival. While the nesting urge may already be kicking in full force, a handy checklist can ensure you haven't overlooked any essential tasks. From kitting out the nursery to stocking up on self-care essentials, here's a rundown of all the key preparations to tick off before it's time to grab that hospital bag.


Ensuring your baby's first space is prepped to perfection is top priority. Proper care in your baby's early days is integral to their wellbeing and development. Here's how you can set the tone for that;
The Nursery
• Give the room a deep clean from ceiling to baseboard, ensuring every surface is free of dust and grime. Go over windowsills, skirting boards and shelving with a baby-safe disinfectant spray or wipe. A thorough clean provides a fresh start and helps remove any dust, germs or residue.
• Strip the cot down and wash all bedding, curtains and floor rugs in a gentle, non-bio detergent to remove any residual chemical traces.
• Set up the cot with a firm, flat mattress and fit it with crisp cotton sheets. Have a couple of back-up sets for easy changes.
• Install dimmers or nightlights. The warm glow is gentle on babies' eyes during night feeds.
Nursing Needs
• Create a comfy nursing nook with a supportive armchair or glider, footstool and plenty of cushions for curling up during feeding sessions.
• Invest in a high-quality feeding pillow and have extras for other rooms.
• Ensure that there are nearby storage units or side tables for keeping nappies, wipes, burp clothes and clean outfits within easy reach.
• Keep a reusable water bottle and snack stash within reaching distance.
Your Baby's Wardrobe  
• Buy and wash new clothing with a gentle, non-bio detergent before use to remove residues. This is very important as babies have very delicate skin.
• Organise drawers and wardrobes with newborn clothes — vests, sleepsuits, muslin cloths and more. Having everything neatly arranged prevents rummaging frenzies.  
• Sort outfits by size from newborn up to around 3 months. Have at least 7-10 vests and sleepsuits per size as frequent changes are likely.
• Group vests, sleepsuits, cardigans, socks and hats together into cubbies or hanging sections for easy mix-and-match dressing.
• Don't forget to also stock up on burping clothes and large muslin swaddles.
• If you're going to use cloth nappies, get them prepped with waterproof wraps and liners. If not, buy plenty of disposables.
Sleep Setup
• In addition to the cot, consider a bedside bassinet or co-sleeper if you'd like to have your baby adjacent.
• Stock up on soft cotton cellular blankets which can be layered for warmth in winter or used singly in summer.
• A few plush stuffed animals can provide comfort, but take care to choose ones without any small, detachable parts that could become choking hazards.
• Get blackout curtains or blinds, as they can help regulate your baby's sleep patterns by blocking external light.


You're about to take on a beautiful yet exponentially demanding role. Having some self-care supplies and pampering treats at the ready can provide much-needed comfort. Here's what you need to do.
Postpartum Recovery
• Stock up on heavy-duty maternity pads and disposable knickers for the initial lochia bleeding.
• Have peri bottles for effective pain relief and cleansing filled and positioned near the toilet.  
• Nipple creams like lanolin can soothe cracked skin when establishing breastfeeding. Nursing bras and calcium supplements too aid the process. Stock up on these.
• Get perineal sprays and balms as they bring relief from swelling, stitches or haemorrhoids.
• Get some basic self-care items like dry shampoo, face wipes and lip balms.
• Stock up on any specific supplements, lotions or ointments suggested by your healthcare provider.
• Fill your cupboards with easy-to-prepare frozen meals and beverages so you don't have to worry about cooking for a while. You could also stock up an emergency stash of nutritious, one-handed snacks for the days when lunchtime becomes a luxury. Protein balls, nut mixes and meal replacement bars can come in handy for replenishing energy levels when it comes to it.


On a more general note, you should also put these in place;
Household Backup
• Stock up on cleaning supplies.
• Call in loved ones for extra pairs of hands with chores, childcare and meal prep in the early weeks following your baby's arrival.
• Ensure you have identification, insurance documents and other necessary documents prepared for the hospital admission process.
• Research trusted local services like night nurses, postnatal massage therapists and lactation consultants.
• Download any handy apps for tracking feedings, appointments, milestones etc.
• Get your hospital bag ready. It should contain essentials for the hospital stay, such as clothing, toiletries, and items for the baby.
• Pack snacks and water to stay nourished and hydrated during labour, as hospital food may not be readily available or preferred.
• Choose loose, comfortable clothing for the journey to the hospital and during labour.
• Ensure there is a plan in place for getting to the hospital, whether it's by car, taxi, or other means.


In all of this, as those final preparations get ticked off, try to get enough restorative rest before your baby arrives. And, don't fret. With this advanced planning, you can settle into new parenthood ready to take on your most important role yet. You've got this!


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