How To Create The Perfect Sleep Environment For Your Baby


When it comes to your little one’s sleep environment, there are many factors that contribute to a healthy, happy space. That’s why you’ll want to ensure their nursery is kitted out with all the essentials for a peaceful slumber. Here are our top picks from The Baby Cot Shop that guarantee to give baby (and you) some more zzz… 

How important is a good sleep environment for babies? 

A nursery sleeping environment is hugely important as it determines baby’s sleep quality and can even prevent wake ups in the night. The temperature, darkness, noise and setting play a part in the sleep environment – and when all the right elements are in place, they can usually be the answer to a restful night’s sleep (which will benefit everyone in the long run!). More sleep promotes growth, alertness, energy and impacts mood, so it’s definitely worth assessing your little one’s sleeping environment. 

  • Use The Baby Cot Shop’s Interior Design Service

Want to create a nursery that promotes deep sleep whilst looking exquisite? Check this out. With over 10 years’ experience, The Baby Cot Shop’s Interior Design Service is here to design, plan and build the most luxurious nursery – and no request is too challenging or extensive. As well as ticking off the sleep environment must-haves, they’ll also manage your whole project from start to finish – consulting , creating mood boards, sharing samples, styling and fitting, providing tradesmen and making sure you have a stress-free journey.


  • Ask the experts

We recommend getting in touch with The Baby Cot Shop if you have any burning queries - they’re always here to help. Consider them your go-to experts in creating soothing sleep environments that don’t sacrifice on style - yay! So pop into their boutique flagship store in Chelsea to talk to a resident expert or keep up to date with these YouTube videos, where they share all the tips and tricks in the interior design world you’ll need. 


  • Keep your baby’s nursery dark 

It’s extremely important to keep your baby’s nursery dark. This is one of the first things to consider when designing a nursery as it’s integral to a good night’s sleep. When a room is dark, it helps the body produce melatonin (the sleepy hormone) and that means deeper sleep and less wake ups in the night. Therefore, The Baby Cot Shop recommends choosing blinds with curtains over the top (it looks a lot more stylish). Choose an elegant fabric to customise your curtains from The Baby Cot Shop – this tailored service means you can opt for premium, made to measure curtains that truly elevate a room. We’re loving the sweet kite design on the Cerfs Volants by Casadeco, which fits perfectly in any little prince or princesses nursery room. 


  • Pick a best in class mattress

The better the mattress, the higher chance they’ll sleep well. When you seek one out, ensure it’s firm, supportive and features breathable materials. The Organic Baby Mattress at The Baby Cot Shop ticks all the boxes - it’s a pocket spring mattress, uses organic lambswool with temperature control, features breathable fibre and is luxuriously soft. What could be better?

  • Introduce a toy comforter

For optimum comfort and security at night, introduce a toy comforter. This is a small toy attached to a blankie which will smell like home and help them associate that it’s time to sleep. If you think your little one would benefit from a comforter (perhaps they struggle getting to sleep or wake up regularly in the night), you could introduce it from six months old. Our top tips? Sleep with it next to you beforehand for one night so that it smells of you (this will help lull them to sleep when they use it) and buy a spare one so you have two – trust us, they’ll become pretty attached to it. Meet the Majestic Gold Bunny Blankie, the most elegant toy comforter around. It features a sweet gold bow and floppy ears that they’ll love to touch, making this extremely cuddle-worthy whenever they need support.  

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