Small Train Bed By Savio Firmino

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The Small Train Bed is both breathtaking and impressive. Crafted entirely from wood, this stunning bed will provide many hours of sleep and play, giving your child a memorable childhood. 
Built by master craftsmen and in keeping with our commitment towards ethical sourcing, the wood and finish are safe and non-toxic. This heirloom child's bed is exclusive to The Baby Cot Shop, we work with the world's talented craftsmen to produce high-quality, unique furniture that is also safe for your child.
Made in Italy.
Dimensions: 130 x 193 x h 156 cm - 52'' x 76'' x h 62''

Mattress size: 98 x 158 cm - 39'' x 62'' 

Price includes:
G finish, category B fabric, capitonne and curtain.

Mattress, bedding and lights sold separately .

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As this item is made to order, allow 12 to 16 weeks for production. Please read our terms and conditions regarding custom ordered items.

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