Why we Love White Nurseries (and you should too!)

When it comes to the colour white you may be thinking that it's not high on your list of choices when decorating your babies nursery, too bland maybe? Today we are going to be sharing why we love white nurseries (and you should too!).

White is a neutral, versatile colour that brings a clean fresh look to babies nursery. The colour white also provides the perfect blank canvas back drop giving you free reign to design as you please. A white nursery allows you to bring in other elements of personality through subtle colours, textures and details.


Boho Nursery Room


Featuring the Kensington Nursery Furniture Collection, this luxurious white nursery design has a luxurious, Boho feel and doesn't look drab or boring in the slightest despite only being white. The simple shape and design of the cot against the nursery room's architectural elements adds interest and personality to the room whilst remaining stylish at the same time.

Other features that enhance the style of the nursery include the wooden floor boards and white diamond pique Moses basket in natural palm.


 Add stylish details 


For a truly exquisite nursery design add details like a canopy. The floor length canopy adds drama and brings in the wow factor to your nursery. The best part about canopies is they can be used above a cot or bed, or used to create a reading nook. Once your baby starts to move about, be sure to move the canopy out of the reach of your little one, or remove it all together until they are older.


Play with added colours

With white you can mix and match other colours to create whichever style you would like your nursery to have from;  contemporary, glam, classic, to rustic. The key is to let the white still remain the most prominent colour whilst 

Feeling inspired? Remember white doesn't have to mean boring. What ideas do you have for your nursery? If you need assistance in designing your babies nursery email us: design@thebabycotshop.com we would love to help. 

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