Top Springtime Nursery Tips that can enhance your little one’s wellbeing

Did you know that it’s actually possible to design your little one’s nursery with their wellbeing in mind? Yes, we’re all for nursery room décor that comforts, uplifts, inspires and helps your child feel their happiest. This spring, it’s time to enjoy the beautiful sunshine, create an airy, nature-filled environment and ensure their sleep environment is equipped for the most peaceful slumber. Here are our top baby nursery room tips…

  • Let natural light in during the day 
  • Of course, it’s great to get your baby outside as much as possible when the weather brightens up. And when it comes to playing in their nursery, the same is true for natural light – you’ll want to open your curtains and blinds and encourage your baby to look outside during daytime hours. Not only does this awaken their senses, but it also teaches them about the world around them. Exposure to natural light can actually boost your little one’s serotonin levels (the happy hormone) and the Feng Shui belief is that natural light is a source of energy and wellbeing, so whenever you get a chance this season, let the light in! 

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    Whilst it isn’t natural light, we still love nursery room ideas that involve lighting. Meet the Nursery Cloud Lamp with sound, which gives their nursery an extra burst of light in the most beautiful way. Recognise the cloud light design? You might have seen a similar feature in Mollie Mae’s nursery room for her baby girl Bambi.

  • Create a nature-themed room
  •  The ultimate way to help them connect with nature, this is one of our top ways to enhance your little one’s wellbeing, fascination with the world and inquisitiveness. A nature-themed nursery is one of our favourite baby bedroom ideas asit can be created however you choose, be it through biophilic patterns, sweeping landscapes, animals and creatures or botanical designs. Whatever you go for, make sure you’re introducing nature through nursery room décor like wallpaper, fabrics, wall art, books and toys. Some of our top nature themes include, Under the Sea, Safari, Mountains, Jungle, Flowers and Up in the Sky. What we love most about adding a touch of nature to their room is that it will grow with them from baby to big kid – the fun never gets old. 

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    It’s time to go on safari whenever they please, thanks to the Animalis Wallpaper. Create a feature wall or decorate all walls with this stunning wallpaper, showcasing lions, tigers and zebras in the wild. 


  • Keep their room dark at night
  • Babies need darkness to sleep because it helps them produce melatonin (which tells them it’s time to sleep). And we all know that the better your little one’s sleep, the more content they are in the day! Moreover, good sleep is essential, helping them physically develop and grow too. We know the lighter evenings make the association with night time challenging, which is why it’s important to opt for blackout curtains or blinds in their baby nursery room to ensure a restful night sleep. 

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    Start designing your bespoke blinds and curtains from The Baby Cot Shop with our tailored fabrics. We’re loving the Oiseaux Fabric by Casadeco, which shows sweet little birds perched on branches amongst dainty florals. What’s more, it’s unisex, so whether you’re prepping their nursery without finding out what gender you’re having, or you want to design a space that other siblings could grow into in the future, this is a perfect pick.  

  • Banish the clutter
  • Bye bye clutter! Hello, tidy nursery. Believe it or not, a clutter-free nursery is actually beneficial to your little one’s wellbeing – it makes them feel less overwhelmed in the space, allows them to focus on a particular toy or activity and prevents them from losing any items. Looking for small nursery room ideas or box room nursery ideas? Being smart with space can help open up their room and make it feel larger. Where to start? Donate items they no longer use, group similar things together, create specific storage spaces and minimise items on the floor. 

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    Where to store their toys? We have the best solution. The Personalised Toy Box keeps all their favourite cuddly toys in one place, designed with beautiful hand-painted artwork which can be painted in a design and colour that best suits your little one’s space.

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