The Top Spring 2022 Nursery Trends

Adieu winter, hello spring! As the sun starts to shine again and the days become longer, it’s the perfect time to give your little angel’s room a seasonal refresh. Give their sleeping hub a premium upgrade with these luxurious spring 2022 trends and the perfect picks from The Baby Cot Shop…


As we emerge from winter hibernation and immerse ourselves into the great outdoors, all eyes will be on the power of nature. That’s why biophilic nurseries (which use indoor plants to bring the outside in) and ones inspired by greenery are trending this season. That’s right, not just reserved for gardens, botanicals can add a simple, sustainable vibe to their bedroom. If you’re looking to showcase a baby-safe plant, choose a Money Tree, Parlor Palm or Bird’s Nest Fern, which can actually improve the ventilation in their room. Prefer to add green décor instead? Seek botanical wallpaper, nature themed wall art and tropical accessories. These bring a sense of calm to their setting and encourage curiosity about nature. And with Pinterest dubbing biophilic designs a big trend this year, we urge you to try it out pronto. 

Get the look from The Baby Cot Shop: 

Nautilus Dark Sea Green Wallpaper

Sunflower Height Chart 


Spring 2022 means Easter is around the corner! Whether you kit your little one’s nursery out with bunny rabbit wall art, blossoming floral rugs or stunning pastel shades, it’s really quite simple to give their room an Easter makeover. However you do it, you’ll want to ensure you uplift, energise and add positivity to their space, so we suggest decluttering, refreshing any tired-looking décor and treating them to nursery essentials they’ll use way beyond Easter. Grab some bunting and pom poms too – a little goes a long way! Looking for non-chocolate Easter gifts for babies and kids? Take a look at our elegant choices here.  

Get the look from The Baby Cot Shop: 

Bunny Mummy & Me Print 

White Bunny Nursery Rug


As spring comes around, so does the stripe hype. We’re loving all things stripes at the moment, from gorgeous baby clothes to ultra-soft linen. The vibe? Chic, playful, Parisian, nautical and outdoorsy – all at the same time. What’s not to love? Whether you opt for subtle, simple stripes or bold, broad ones, you’ll definitely be making a statement. Plus, if you’ve got a baby on the way and aren’t finding out the gender, we highly recommend incorporating stripes into their nursery – it’s one of our top unisex nursery picks. 

Get the look from The Baby Cot Shop: 

Blue Stripe Fitted Sheet

Rosebuds Embroidered Pillowcase


Oh-my-bow! Bows are officially in for spring 2022 and there’s nothing more adorable than this trend. You don’t need to go OTT with bow décor, just adding one to their nursery can add a magical touch. From large, swooping bows to understated mini ensembles, all bows have one thing in common – they add character, elegance and a sense of fantasy to nurseries and bedrooms. Ready to sport the trend? Add bows to the corners of their nursery that aren’t already décor-heavy – bows deserve their own podium!

Get the look from The Baby Cot Shop: 

Classic Bunny Blankie

Majestic Gold Collection Cushion Set


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