The rise of Grandmillennial style nurseries and how to do it

All hail grandmillennial nurseries, one of our favourite interior design trends 2023 has welcomed so far. Here’s everything you need to know about creating a grandmillennial style nursery for your little sweetheart…

What does grandmillennial mean? 

The term grandmillennial refers to people in society who are currently in their mid-20’s to late-30’s. They favour granny-chic designs which combine traditional and homely patterns (think Laura Ashley-esque prints), embroidery and quaint florals. 

What is a grandmillenial nursery?

Imagine a baby room in your grandparent’s house – that’s the vibe of a grandmillennial nursery. Think brown wood furniture with drooping floral curtains and a traditional rocking chair with embroidered blankets hanging over the side. Most importantly, a grandmillennial nursery is homely and cosy, it should give you a warm, fuzzy feeling of comfort, much like walking into your grandma’s living room.  

How to create a grandmillennial nursery in 5 steps: 

  • Florals, florals, everywhere
  • Incorporating floral patterns and designs into your grandmillennial nursery is basically written in the rule book. Doing so gives their nursery a pretty, delicate effect, whether you go for bold floral prints or dainty floral embroidery. These look particularly charming alongside neutral colours and cosy fabrics, bringing together the feel of the outdoors with comforting indoor materials. 

    Our top picks from The Baby Cot Shop:

    Pear Tree Sunset Orange Wallpaper

    Oiseaux Fabric by Casadeco

  • Colour clashes are welcome
  • If you ever thought you needed to avoid clashing colours, you’re wrong. Grandmillennial nurseries welcome contrasting colours, because really, they make for the most cheerful home décor. Think greens and pinks, blues and browns and beige with purple. The key to decorating a grandmillennial nursery is to not be afraid to colour clash – once you do it, you’ll see how vibrant, uplifting and sweet it looks. 

    Our top picks from The Baby Cot Shop: 

    March Hare Wallpaper

    Mansfield Swivel Armchair 

  • Think cottagecore
  • One of our top interior design trends 2023 has welcomed back is cottagecore. And if you’re not sure where to start when creating a grandmillennial nursery, think cottage vibes. Cottagecore channels traditional English cottage interiors with nostalgic and granny-chic vintage décor. Rural and bright, you’ll want to pick floral patterns, whimsical prints and neutral colour schemes. Utterly charming and transportive, there’s nothing quite like walking into a grandmillennial nursery inspired by the cottagecore trend.

    Our top picks from The Baby Cot Shop: 

    Cottage Nightlight

    Wychwood Happy Blue Wallpaper


  • Go for gold
  • A little gold goes a long way. Whether it’s through picture frames, lights, lace, hinges or handles, gold is a grandmillennial must-do. It gives their grandmillennial nursery some much-needed pizzazz and glamour and really helps features and areas of their space stand out. The best part? Gold combines well with any colour, so you can opt for it as a last-minute décor decision when creating their room.  

    Our top picks from The Baby Cot Shop:

    Majestic Gold Blanket

    Majestic Gold Collection Canopy

  • Shades of blue
  • Blue prints, linen, décor and fabric are one of the main characteristics of grandmillennial nurseries. Typically they feature blue designs such as florals, nature, animals and hot air balloons, usually on a white or neutral-hued background. We love that they’re beautifully unisex, so whether you’re decorating for your little one or your baby-to-be and don’t know the gender, this trend is a great option. Don’t be afraid to go all out with blue designs in your grandmillennial nursery – the more the better! 

    Our top picks from The Baby Cot Shop:

    L’Envol Wallpaper Ciel 

    Spotty Blue Rug

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