Summer Holiday Essentials That Encourage Good Sleep Abroad


You’re in vacation mode – yay! But the challenge: there’s a whole host of factors that may derail your little one’s sleep pattern, such as time difference, a change of surroundings and unfamiliar bedding. The good news? Our ultra-comforting and luxurious nursery items help them adjust to their new cot or bed, so you can enjoy your holiday to the max… 

The magic of this comforter starts weeks before your holiday. They’ll love snuggling up to it at home and when they’re out and about, it’ll be a symbol of security, helping them ease into unfamiliar surroundings. What’s more, this adorable comforter can actually reduce night time wake ups and help settle them back to sleep – so it’s a thumbs up from us. And when they take it on the plane with them, their summer holiday will seem a little less daunting.

Ooh la la! Introducing this stunning swaddle to your holiday packing list. Embellished with Parisian landmarks like the Eiffel Tower, River Seine and Arc de Triomphe, you’ll also be able to spot locals sipping coffee at chic cafes and tourists cruising on a river boat. When you’re not staring at this fascinating masterpiece, you can use it as a light blanket in their cot at night, to change baby’s nappy on holiday, for swaddling (especially effective in new surroundings) and as a shade for breastfeeding. Whether it’s on the plane, by the pool or at bed time, this should always be with you abroad.  

If you’re travelling to a holiday home in the UK or going on a staycation, this set was made for a good night’s sleep. The range is all about graceful neutral linen complete with a stunning trim, which can all be tailored to your taste. Featuring six sleeping essentials including a cot bumper (to prevent your baby’s head hitting the cot at night), duvet and blanket to snuggle up with, the range is all about gifting them the most peaceful night’s sleep.

A delightful gift, this precious toy is their secret sleep weapon. Why? Well, they’ll love curling up with the plush creature, which has eight tentacles (reminiscent of the umbilical cord in the womb), known for keeping baby calm in the night and soothe any anxious behaviour. We know that sleeping abroad can be a little tough for your travelling tots, so this is just the toy to help them settle and snooze off. Bonus – they can play with this octopus in transit too. Want more? Take a look at Fairy Feline, Miffy Recycled Teddy Sitting Toy and Floral Lottie Jellycat Bunny for some other playtime friends that double up as sleeping buddies. 

Nap time just became successful on holiday thanks to this baby nest. Whether you’re on a road trip or staycation, this portable cocoon guarantees a cosy rest. Designed by experts to keep your little one secure in different settings, simply place your sleeping baby in the belly up position and get on with your day. It’s also a great place to do baby massage and nappy changes on, providing them with a cushioned base wherever you are. Family adventures aren’t complete without this. 

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