Primary colours are back: here's how to makeover your baby's room with the happiest nursery trend

Want to give your baby’s nursery a colourful makeover but not sure where to start? Look to primary colours as your muse. That’s right, it’s time to put a yellow room, red room and blue room on your nursery mood boards because these are the three magic colours known to be visually stimulating and exciting for your baby. Even though babies can only see black, grey and white in their first three months, after this they become drawn to colourful hues. So when did the primary colour interior trend arise? After the pandemic, a love of colourful, bold interiors spread and we believe they can actually boost mood and behaviour (whilst still looking super chic). Whether you’re looking for baby girl nursery ideas or baby boy nursery ideas with pops of primary colours, here’s how to do it The Baby Cot Shop way…

Design a yellow room for happy moods and warmth

Fact: parents love yellow in their baby’s nursery. Why? It’s associated with feeling uplifted, happiness and motivation. And of course, it’s an instant reminder of sunshine, which is especially impactful during the dark winter months. Additionally, a yellow room is completely gender-neutral, so many parents pick it if they’re not finding out the gender of their little sweetheart. Wondering how to decorate a yellow room? Start with a mood board so that you can get an idea of how yellow will enhance your room overall, keeping in mind the furniture, decor and wall art you like. Then, decide if you want to go all out with yellow or simply inject a few yellow designs. Best coupled with whites, blues and greens for a nature-themed colour palette, however you do it, yellow is one of those colours that can instantly brighten a room. And remember, a little yellow goes a long way.

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Choose a red room for vibrancy and love

Incorporate red into their nursery for happiness in abundance. The colour of love, courage and energy, it works wonders in their room. For an elegant feel, enhance their colour scheme with pockets of red – you can do this by adding red heart décor, red toys, red bows and red embroidery. Red adds a natural richness and character to their snuggly setting, so don’t be afraid to add it to your next mood board. Did you know red is one of the first colours that babies can see (around 3 months) and little ones are known to be interested in red for longer periods of time than other colours? Fascinating. We say it’s the perfect colour to pick if you’re looking for baby girl nursery ideas or baby boy nursery ideas.

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Opt for a blue room to bring the outdoors in

Blue is reminiscent of nature and the great outdoors. It promotes feelings of calm, peace and freedom, so there’s nothing better to splash your baby’s nursery room with. Don’t just stick to one blue tone, play around with an array of blues – we’re loving sea blue, sky blue, pastel blue and turquoise that bring a dose of serenity. Even better, a blue room can induce sleep and help soothe your little one, which makes blue a top pick for many parents. Want to know how to decorate a blue room? Here are a few ideas for creating a theme –  Space with planets and rockets, Planet Earth with animals and landscapes, Under the sea with sea creatures or Up in the sky with sweet cloud designs. The choice is yours…

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