Personalised Nursery Décor Every Child Needs

 Looking for a personal touch to their snuggly setting? Your search for the most precious décor starts here. Take your pick from these perfect personalised pieces…  
Personalised Modern Wardrobe For Girls and Boys
Luxury Kids Wardrobe   Mums adore children’s wardrobes. Are we right? Just standing and staring at your little one’s clothes or organising their outfits into colour codes is an experience like no other. So go one step further and put your own stamp on this prized possession. The Personalised Modern Wardrobe For Girls and Boys hand-painted wardrobe features beautiful motifs which can be customised to your nursery style. We love the sailing boat, cherry and butterfly print!   
Grace Rose Blanket
Luxury Engraved Blanket   Luxe, homely décor you can customise for your princess’s nursery? Yes please! Opt for their name or initials printed on the Grace Rose Blanket and say hello to the softest snuggles around. Whether it’s for storytime, wrapping them up in or laying your baby on, this super-soft velour blanket will grow with them as they transition to a big kid bed too. Hang it neatly on the side of their cot during the day for a dreamy nursery look.   
Personalised Modern Bed for Girls & Boys
Personalised Boys Bed   The perfect treat for little dreamers, the Personalised Modern Bed for Girls and Boys bed will be top on their wish list. Choose to decorate the sturdy frame how you wish – from bold stripes and hand-painted prints to your child’s name printed on the front (with a motif too), there’s something for everyone. There’s nothing better to make them feel extra special if you’re transforming their beloved nursery into a big kid room. Searching for a personalised cot for your baby? Look no further than the Personalised Modern Cot Bed.  
Royal Blue Bunny Blankie
Royal Blue Bunny Blankie All we can say is thank goodness for this. The traditional Royal Blue Bunny Blankie looks divine amongst matching Royal Blue Collection Set nursery décor. Plus, it’s a soothing comforter for your mini-me, so they’ll feel a sense of security when they hold it in new environments. Best of all, it can be personalised with your child’s name. A true keepsake item.   
London Grey Pillow
Luxury Baby pillow   This chic grey cushion is the most timeless addition to every nursery. But here’s where it gets even more impressive – you can get it personalised with your little sweetheart’s name or initials in any thread colour to match their surroundings. As a general rule, we love this stylish piece for jazzing up their cot in the day or supporting your back on a nursing chair like the Madison Nursery Glider for storytime.   
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