Our Favourite Animal Nursery Wall Art and their Meanings

Looking for an adorable touch to your little one’s nursery? Choose an animal wall art. Why are animal paintings a mum favourite? Firstly, they’re eye-catching, soothing and uplifting, adding a calm atmosphere to their little hub. Next, we have no doubt your little darling will love staring at these fascinating pictures whilst on their play mat or chilling on the changing unit. Also, animal wall art actually promotes brain development – they’ll subconsciously be learning about different creatures, start to recognise them when out and about and will even feel empathy towards them as they grow.  Ready to give their snuggly setting an animal art makeover? Here are our top picks from The Baby Cot Shop’s exquisite Mummy & Me collection…  
Zebra Mummy & Me Animal Print
mummy and me zebra print This print illustrates the incomparable bond between a zebra and her foal. Capturing a sweet embrace in hand-painted watercolour, it’s tranquil and comforting – just the thing to decorate their special space with. What’s more, zebras represent individualism and uniqueness, a beautiful message to your little tot as they grow up. Frame your timeless animal wall art in a choice of white, gold or natural frames to suit the nursery surroundings – trust us, it’ll be totally Instagram worthy. Looking for a safari-themed wallpaper to match? Couple with the Animalis Multi Wallpaper for an adventurous vibe.   
Giraffe Mummy & Me Print
mummy and me giraffe Nothing compares to the sweet show of love between a giraffe and her calf. Symbolising devotion, peace and harmony, this print exhibits the deep bond between two stunning creatures. These gentle giants can see far above their fellow species (in fact, they’re the tallest mammals in the world), which is why they represent guidance, safety and leadership. And as they hold their heads high, they ooze confidence, something you’ll want your little one to have. Going for a giraffe theme? Pick the Bedtime Huggie-Giraffe, which combines two baby essentials – a toy and a blanket.     
Elephant Mummy & Me Print
mummy and me elephant wall art Elephant wall art is a must for a serene nursery setting. After all, elephants stand for strength, good luck and happiness. This wall print shows an elephant embracing her calf with her trunk, and quite frankly, it’ll melt your heart. One of the main reasons we love it for your sweetheart’s cosy cocoon is that these animals symbolise loyalty, determination and protection – just like you, mums! Want to kit their room out with more elephants? Opt for the White Elephant Lamp, Nell Cloud Wallpaper and matching Elephant Safari Print wall art.   
Lion Mummy & Me Animal Print 
mummy and me lion wall art Nothing says motherhood quite like a picture of a lioness and her cub, so this print holds a powerful meaning in your mini me’s nursery. Illustrating that the bond between you both is like no other, this wall art will constantly remind you of hugging your baby. Plus, did you know lions are closely connected to the night? That’s right, lions are nocturnal, whilst a lioness is closely associated with the moon. We can’t think of anything more appropriate to hang up in your baby’s sleepy haven. For a complementing piece of art, we’re loving the Lion Safari Print  
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