It's written in the stars: How to decorate their nursery room based on their star sign

Baby nursery room ideas can be hard to think of, especially as you want their space to be perfect and unique to them. Well, have you thought about what zodiac sign your little darling is, what their horoscope says and how you can create a baby nursery room inspired by this? Read on for some star sign nursery theme inspo…

Capricorn: Monochrome nursery

Dec 23 to Jan 21

If their star sign dates indicate that they’re a little Capricorn, here’s how to decorate their baby nursery room. Mini Capricorns are smart and curious about the world. As they grow, they’ll love learning new things and being creative, so their nursery hub should reflect this. A monochrome themed space is the perfect canvas for them to make their space their own as they get older - plus it looks oh-so-chic.

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Aquarius: Places and landscapes nursery 

Jan 22 to Feb 20

Your mini Aquarius is fascinated about the world – the colours, shapes, places and smells. They love different places and new experiences, so dress their baby nursery room in wallpaper and fabrics of beautiful landscapes. They’ll be naturally drawn to these, which will spark their imagination as they grow. 

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Wychwood Happy Blue Wallpaper

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Pisces: Up in the sky nursery

Feb 21 to March 19

Hello, baby Pisces star sign! According to their horoscope, your little one is a daydreamer. When they become a little tot, they’ll love playing and using their imagination to conjure up different environments. To fuel their creativity, there’s nothing better than a sky-themed nursery – choose clouds, stars, sky colours, rainbows and hot air balloons for a delightfully dreamy space.

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L’Envol Wallpaper

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Aries: Bold and bright nursery

March 20 to April 20

Aries star sign children tend to be passionate, optimistic and energetic, so we believe the perfect nursery theme for them is Bold and Bright. You can interpret this however you choose, whether that’s clashing patterns, mixing bold colours or opting for loud and proud décor. Either way, this Aries baby nursery room is sure to make them feel happy and uplifted every time they’re in their special space. 

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Taurus: Scandi style nursery

April 21 to May 21

Taurus babies love the way things feel, taste, smell and sound. A calm environment where they can be close to their parents, play and receive cuddles is their favourite place. Cue their Scandi style baby nursery room – a warm, cosy hub that’s bright and neutral too. Look out for fluffy, cosy and boucle fabrics to inject warmth into their little hub. 

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Gemini: Learning hub nursery

May 22 to June 22

Gemini star sign tots are curious, bright, love communicating and are open to learning. Enter the educational learning nursery, a subtle yet effective way of teaching your little one from a young age. Incorporating numerical and alphabetical décor through wall art and furniture can help improve their fine motor skills and boost awareness about the world – of course whilst looking absolutely adorable. 

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Cancer: Cottagecore nursery

June 23 to July 22

Little Cancers’ horoscope says that they are extremely loving and affectionate, whilst being most comfortable at home surrounded by family and familiarity. That’s why you’ll want to create a Cottagecore vibe in their room. The trend is all about creating a homely feel in their snuggly setting, encouraging them to relax and feel at peace whenever they’re playing, exploring or settling down to sleep. Think floral designs, whimsical prints and charming décor that reminds you of your granny’s house and makes you feel all warm inside.   

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Leo: Pops of colour nursery

July 23 to Aug 22

You can count on little Leos to be energetic, enthusiastic and lead with their heart. You might see that they love performing as they grow and have a naturally colourful sense of style. When you’re researching baby nursery ideas and are looking at a colour scheme, there’s nothing better than pops of colour for a Leo, meaning a neutral backdrop with bright explosions of colour – whether that’s through wallpaper, fabrics, décor or wall art. 

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Virgo: Nature-themed nursery

Aug 23 to Sept 22

Your Virgo child is inquisitive and loves attention to detail. And it’s the simple things in life that this star sign loves the most – being outside, enjoying nature and spending time with family. Reflect this in their nursery theme by opting for all things nature – plants, flowers, landscapes and animals. 

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Libra: Neutral toned nursery

Sept 23 to Oct 22

Mini Libras have a natural sense of including everyone and bringing people together. So their baby nursery room should be a place that everyone feels welcomed and at home. For a space that grows with your child, choose a neutral-hued look – think mushroom, creamy and earthy colours that blend well with delicate pops of colour.

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Scorpio: Personalised nursery 

Oct 23 to Nov 22

Little Scorpios are strong-willed, loving and emotionally aware – and as their attention to detail is so great, they love when something is personalised especially for them. Create a baby nursery room that’s unique to your little one, with elegant items that can be embroidered with their initials or name on from The Baby Cot Shop.

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Sagittarius: Adventure themed nursery 

Nov 23 to Dec 22

Your little darling is a mini explorer and loves to find adventure around every corner. And yes, it’s actually possible to support this star sign and fascination with animals, the great outdoors and wilderness in their baby nursery room. How to do it? Choose an adventurous theme and run with it, like safari, jungle, rainforest, under the sea or the desert. 

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