Introducing The Balmoral Collection: The Exquisite Bridgerton-esque Nursery Furniture Range


Breaking news! The latest Lady Whistledown column is out and guess what has featured? Only the most charming, Bridgerton-esque nursery furniture range that everyone is raving about. Whether you’re looking to design a unisex nursery or include a nod to the Regency era in your little one’s bedroom, here’s why the Balmoral Collection is the talk of the town already. 

The stunning Balmoral range

An ornate nursery furniture range that mums are currently obsessing over. The collection consists of:

Balmoral Cot

A sleeping place far from ordinary. This elegant cot is fit for mini royalty, boasting curved headboards created from a fabric of your choice to add drama and opulence. You’ll love it for being snug and stylish whilst making a statement.

Balmoral Chest of Drawers

This dual-purpose pick is both practical and premium. It’s composed in white woodgrain and features drawers finely lined with velvet. There’s also a removable tray on top, where you can either change your baby or display their toys and keepsakes. What’s more, we know generous storage space is essential, which is why this includes three wide drawers to fill with clothes, accessories and other key items. 

Balmoral Canopy Crown

The nursery necessity you didn’t know you needed until now. This drooping canopy crown is mounted on the wall, allowing a canopy to float above their sleeping space. We like to call it the fairytale effect, as it’s a simple way to sprinkle a touch of magic into their snuggly haven. 


The Cot That’s Trending 

The Balmoral Cot deserves a stage of its own. Stealing the limelight (in a good way) in any nursery, this signature pick is what Pinterest board dreams are made of. The cot takes luxury furniture to the next level thanks to its curved headboards, exposed woodgrain and plush velvet interior. Classic, elegant and timeless, what more could you ask for?

The perfect linen to match

Say hello to the Willow Collection Set, specially designed to dress up the Balmoral Cot. When you opt for it, a Full Bumper, Duvet Cover and Decorative Cushion are included. What’s more, you can choose to add a Cot Bumper, White Cotton Fitted Sheet, Duvet Insert, Blanket and Valance to the mix. The linen is available in white, off white and natural shades and can be embroidered with charming trims in any colour of your choice, from lavender to white gold. This effortlessly adds a graceful vibe into their room. 

The Bridgerton-inspired Nursery Interior Trend

Mesmerised by the lavish interiors of the hit series Bridgerton? From the steel staircases to the dropping curtains, it’s no wonder we’re all lusting after the most exuberant, Regency style designs. The trend is set to go nowhere thanks to the continued hype around Bridgerton, so whether you’re a fan or simply wish to recreate a regal aesthetic in their setting, the Balmoral Collection is calling your name. 

A Royal Nursery Makeover Must-have

As well as Bridgerton fever, this summer is all about royal celebrations – especially with the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee coming up, followed by her official birthday. There’s lots to celebrate this season, which is why giving your baby a royal nursery makeover is a must. Sport the trend via the Balmoral Collection and feel uplifted every time you walk in.  

See the Balmoral Collection for yourself at The Baby Cot Shop’s boutique store in Chelsea or shop for it now on our website

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