How to create a nursery that matches your home's decorative style

We love homes that stick to one decorative style. This gives a modern, premium aesthetic, just like an elegant hotel or showroom residence. That’s because when repetitive colour schemes and décor styles are used, it creates a unified, chic look throughout any home. And of course, the same is true for your baby’s nursery, so get ready to match their snuggly setting to your luxurious abode (without compromising on character and your unique style). Feel inspired? Start your journey here… 

  • Stick to your home’s colour palette

    When you walk into their room, you’ll want it to feel like an extension of your home. The easiest way to do this? Through the colour scheme. If you sport neutral shades around your abode, pick them for your little one’s room too - a cream rug like the Natural Lambswool Rug or linen such as the Willow Collection Set does the trick. Or if you’re partial to bold, adventurous elements, inject this into their room via the Dara Wallpaper in Turqouise or Race Car Lamp. Remember, when you’re deciding on which colours to feature, bear in mind that blue and green are calming, yellow reflects energy and orange can evoke curiosity. The key to mastering this is consistency, so take note of the shades that feature around your home to kick off your nursery design journey. 


    Stylish Nursery



  • Keep your decorative style clear

    Knowing your own interior design style is key. Ask yourself what style the rest of your home has? How would you describe it to someone who hasn’t seen it? Whether your home exudes a modern, traditional, regal or glamorous vibe, it’s totally possible to extend this into their nursery. Look out for unique elements in your home - perhaps you have lots of traditional pieces or more contemporary art and furniture. Then, reflect this into their room via wall art, décor, furniture and wallpaper.

    Luxury Nursery Furniture


  • Pick matching wall art

     A simple way to add style into their cosy haven is with wall art. How do you do it? Match the existing art around your home. If you have family photos framed around your abode, do the same in their room (this is a great way to teach your little one who family members are and practise saying everyone’s names!). Or if themed wall art runs throughout your place, opt for floral images like Sunflower Bouquet Art Print or animal wall art such as the Giraffe Mummy & Me Print


    Giraffe Mummy & Me Print

  • Take inspiration from your bedroom

    You read that right. You may not have thought about it before, but taking cues from your own bedroom (instead of Pinterest) will really help you design their room. The reason is simple - your bedroom perfectly showcases the style in your most comfortable setting, so it’s the perfect inspiration for baby's room. Their nursery should be a continuation of your bedroom, but with baby-friendly elements and an adorable setting. You might like to match their changing unit, wardrobe and cot with the furniture in your room, keeping in mind the wood colour, finish and any embellishments or accents. 

    Willow Collection Set



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