Elegant Floral Décor Essentials For A Summery Nursery Makeover


Is it too early to give your nursery a splash of summer? Absolutely not! Cover their room with delicate florals for an easy and elegant win. We love big, beautiful flower designs as well as minimal, premium ones – whichever you choose, floral décor is an uplifting, refreshing element for any baby nursery. 

Choose The Baby Cot Shop’s Interior Design Service to create your dream floral nursery

Seeking the most luxurious flower décor for their snuggly space? Just call us your floral nursery experts. Choose The Baby Cot Shop’s Interior Design Service to do all the hard work for you, so you can sit back and relax as we design, plan and build your perfect nursery or kids bedroom. We’ll plan everything from start to finish – consulting, creating mood boards, sharing samples, styling and fitting and providing tradesmen. Get ready for floral wall murals, wallpaper, curtains, wall art and more, all complimented by a premium colour scheme and dazzling finishes. Find out more here.  

Floral décor #1: Flower Petal Rug

The vibe: A stunning pink floral rug fit for your little darling’s nursery. Featuring lusciously soft textures and plush 100% cotton, it’s sweet, girly and great for children’s rooms of any age, naturally growing with your little one. 

Why it’s a practical pick: It’s not only chic on the eye, but it’s super comfortable for your little one (and you) to play on. Plus, it’s washable, so it’ll become a much-loved piece of the nursery for years to come.  

Looks great alongside: The stunning sandy pink Grace Rose Collection Canopy

Floral décor #2: Floral Lottie Jellycat Bunny 

The vibe: Adorable bunny toy in a traditional floral collar dress. It’s so cute we could stare at it all day long – Lottie is the most fashionable bunny in town.  

Why it’s a practical pick: It’s suitable from birth to big kid. When they’re a little one, they’ll love staring at this sweet creature and feeling its floppy ears. Fast-forward to the big kid days, Lottie will be their best playtime buddy.

Looks great alongside: Floral Lottie’s best friend forever, Jellycat Blossom Bea Beige Bunny


Floral décor #3: Wychwood Melon Orange Wallpaper

The vibe: Subtle florals feature in this premium wallpaper, which offers a dainty touch to any baby nursery. This is all about the traditional English landscape, incorporating creatures, hedgerows, blooming trees and rolling hills. 

Why it’s a practical pick: Not all nursery wallpaper needs to be baby-themed – you can go for a sophisticated and evergreen vibe too. The Wychwood Melon Orange Wallpaper is exactly that – a timeless wallpaper option that grows with your family, so if you’re not looking to keep the room as a baby nursery forever, choosing this is one less thing to think about. 

Looks great alongside: Continue the orange fever with the Miffy Sitting Terry Retro in Orange, which makes a great gift too. 

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