6 Perfect Presents for Budding Readers

Know a little learner, keen reader-to-be or an inquisitive baby? Gift them something special that’ll kick start their reading journey. You can count on these presents to spark their imagination…
Washable Round Blue Alphabet Rug
Anyone who grew up having alphabet-themed décor in their bedroom will agree that you never forget it! So for a keepsake gift, mum and baby will love, choose the Washable Round Blue Alphabet Rug. As teaching the alphabet is the first step for reading and writing, this luxury cotton rug works its magic by presenting baby with a letter at every angle. What’s more, it simply pops into the washing machine when you want to clean it. We’re calling it a mum saviour!
Peter Rabbit Guide to Life Plush Toy Giftset
This personalised gift set was made for birthdays. With the Peter Rabbit Guide to Life Plush Toy Giftset, you receive a beautiful book filled with Beatrix Potter’s most popular characters in and passages from their favourite tales, along with life lessons too. You can even get the birthday girl/boy’s name printed on the cover, at the top of each page and in the opening section, so it gives them an incentive to explore the contents. Also, it comes with a Peter Rabbit plush toy - just the thing to snuggle up with for storytime.
Toddler House Bookcase
A toddler-sized bookcase that encourages them to look after their books? Um, yes, please! This nursery must-have gives them close access to their favourite stories and means they can choose to read whenever they please. Know a little librarian in the making? The Toddler House Bookcase was made for them. Top tip: show your toddler how to keep their bookcase clean, tidy and in order – after all, every budding reader needs a neat collection of books!
Animals ABC – Framed Art
Alphabet art is the way to go to jazz up any nursery. And the Animals ABC – Framed Art is not only super-sweet, but it also teaches kids about letters, their shape and different animals. Steering away from the typical letter-animal associations, we love the exotic F for flamingo, T for Toucan and V for Vulture. How unique!
ABC Off To Sea Book
Ahoy, little sailors! This illustrated book takes children on a nautical adventure, going through each letter of the alphabet and learning words like B for Buoy and D for Dolphins. By sounding out these letters, children can get familiar with the alphabet and phonics. Mums will love reading the ABC Off To Sea Book and pointing to each letter and word, asking their toddler to repeat along the way - it makes for the most special moments.
The Lost Date Children’s Book
The Lost Date Children’s Book is the ultimate bedtime story read. Featuring The Porch Fairies, one of the crew, Lucy loses her birthday date, so sets off on an adventure to find it. This charming book, written by Fiona and Nick Bishop, is packed with fun characters and important life lessons. We’d suggest reading this to your little fairy on our luxurious Wingback Rocking Chair.
International Literacy Day 2020 is 8th September!
To celebrate this awesome day, treat your kids to a book-themed gift. Shop the edit here.
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