Moses Baskets- Up to 3 Months

A Moses Basket is a portable first bed for your baby and can be used until your munchkin is 3 to 4 months old or weigh around 9kg. Moses Baskets are made from palm, wicker, or cotton and come with a firm mattress, fitted sheet and dressing. You don't need to place anything else in your Moses Basket as it is perfect for them as a first bed, just as it comes. Opt for a Moses Basket Stand to keep the basket elevated. Many parents choose this as an option for the newborn baby because of the ease of moving it around. Simply lift up the basket by the handles, add a hand underneath for support and transport from room to room. The Moses Basket Bedding can be easily removed for washing; to learn more about baby cribs, read our expert guide on how to choose your baby's crib.
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