Ayesha Luxury Moses Basket

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The Ayesha Luxury Moses Basket is the most elegant first bed for your newborn baby.

With ornate patterns and delicate material, the baby Moses Basket is designed in ivory cotton, soft cotton and fine gold lace. Complete with a quilt, pillow and fitted sheet, it looks truly magnificent in a baby nursery or on your bedside.

The cushioned interior promises to keep your little bundle cosy and warm – just what they need to feel secure as they doze off to sleep. 

Make the most of this baby Moses Basket and use it for daytime naps too. Your guests will love meeting your new arrival in such a plush setting.


When you buy the Ayesha Luxury Moses Basket it includes a quilt, pillow and fitted sheet.


Can be used from Newborn up to 3 Months. Please note that quilt and pillow are decorative pieces.


All fabrics are OEKO-TEX® Certified.

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Dimensions L85 x W45x H23/31cm - Max 9KG