Top Summer 2022 Nursery Trends And How To Create Them


Summer is just around the corner! So there’s no better time than now to spruce up their nursery room and inject some summer spirit. Here are the trends that need to be on your radar, which are set to be everywhere for the sunny season…

Trend #1: Royal & Regal 

The most elegant nursery trend to grace us with its presence this year is staying strong for summer. It’s time to welcome back Regency nurseries that pay homage to the glamour and exuberance of the era. Intrigued? It’s all about Bridgerton-esque furniture, embellished drapery, statement cots and traditional décor. Plus, with everyone still in the Platinum Jubilee Spirit, now’s the time to give their nursery a royal refresh. 

How to do it: 

Invest in the Balmoral Wall Crown which can be mounted above their cot to hold the most charming canopy, creating a fairy tale feel for your little prince or princess. To match, grab the trending Balmoral Changing Unit with its charming brass knobs and removable tray table, so it’s practical as well as being pretty.



Trend #2: Splash of Summer

To celebrate the sunny season, we implore you to give your baby’s nursery a summer makeover. This naturally creates a vibrant, energetic atmosphere in their room, whilst oozing a sense of escapism and calm. Inspired by beaches, paradise coves, tropical islands and coastal settings, the Splash of Summer trend is whatever you make of it. Whether you go down the tropical route (via palm tree décor, beachy wall art and toy crabs) or prefer a chic seaside theme (think light blue curtains, decorative shells and white washed furniture), get ready to create a little piece of paradise. Top tip: summer means blue skies, so we suggest incorporating a sky blue colour within your palette (fun fact: sky blue is actually the Dulux Colour of the Year 2022), which blends well with neutral and pastel yellow tones. 

How to do it: 

Go playful and exotic with the On Safari Blue Fitted Sheet or be transported under the sea somewhere far, far away thanks to the Nautilus Grey and Orange Wallpaper.



Trend #3: Maximalist Mania   

Bright, bold and extravagant nurseries are everywhere for summer 2022. Cue clashing patterns, beaming colours, different textures and eclectic décor. Thought pink and green shouldn’t go together? Think again. Worried your wallpaper is too OTT? Not at all. Ripping up the rulebook can actually make for an energetic and expressive space – and the best news is you can still make it look premium through intricate patterns, structural shapes and lighting. Need a helping hand? Check out The Baby Cot Shop’s Interior Design Service

How to do it: 

Feast your eyes on the busy yet brilliant Dara Wallpaper Noir, which is so good it deserves to be covered in all corners of a nursery. Then you have the upbeat Circle Spot Rug, perfect for any unisex room, which happens to be lusciously soft too.  


Trend #4: Curves Galore

So, what’s the hype around curves? Well, softer lines (be it through furniture or décor) add a sense of movement and flow to baby nurseries, whilst creating a relaxing ambiance. Incorporating curves is a contemporary trend, giving elements a puffy, bouncy aesthetic that are often more visually appealing than harsher, squared furniture. Our view? Curves are gentle and comforting, which is exactly what a baby nursery needs. Trust us, it’s not just a 2022 fad – this trend is set to stay put.

How to do it: 

Curved cot bed headboard? Yes please. The best-selling Balmoral Cot Bed exhibits curves in the most exquisite way, alongside an opulent velvet upholstery (which can be customised to your style). Additionally, get ready to drool over the Mansfield Swivel Armchair with its sleek curved back and polished brass base.

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