The Most Imaginative Beds That Are Perfect For Sleeping And Playing In



Your tot deserves a bed of dreams. At The Baby Cot Shop, we’re pioneers in beautiful, bespoke beds that add a magical touch to every room.


Best of all, whether they’re shaped like a plane, train or castle, they fuel your little one’s imagination and make them feel like anything is possible. Read on for the most unbelievable, jaw-dropping children’s beds of all time…


Notte Fatata Castle Bunk Bed

Notte Fatata Castle Bunk Bed

First impressions: An exquisite bunk bed that doubles up into a playtime area. Genius.  

Kids will love: How much of a realistic castle this is – their friends won’t believe it’s a bed! It features turrets, windows and gold crests (which can be personalised with their initials on). Impressive, right? 

You’ll love: The option of built-in bookcases and storage space, making it a hugely practical pick.

The Baby Cot Shop’s top tip: This can be hand-painted in a colour of your choice. As it’s a large structure, we’d suggest choosing a colour that compliments their carpet and walls, but also stands out as the main feature in their room.

Train Bed by Savio Firmino

Train Bed by Savio Firmino

First impressions: A bed your kids can slide out of? Sign us up. 

Kids will love: The spectacular wooden train structure that surrounds their bed, complete with wheels, windows, lights and a door. It’ll make them feel just like a mini train driver or conductor as they play in this throughout the day. All aboard!

You’ll love: How breathtakingly sweet it looks within their bedroom, even if their room isn’t train themed. 

The Baby Cot Shop’s top tip: We suggest coupling this bold navy bed with a more neutral colour palette for the rest of the room so that it can take centre-stage (and rightly so).  Pair with muted, earthy or neutral tones for maximum impact. 

Sky B Plane Bed

Sky B Plane Bed

First impressions: All little plane enthusiasts need this – it’s like something out of a museum.

Kids will love: Playing inside and around it during the day, pretending they’re flying, gliding through the clouds and dodging any other planes at high altitude. 

You’ll love: How adventurous this will encourage your little aviation fan to be. Plus, it looks just like Leadbottom from the Disney movie ‘Planes’. 

The Baby Cot Shop’s top tip: Make the most out of the hidden storage space this bed boasts. The top wing is designed to be a bookshelf, whilst the decorative suitcases include some secret compartments that are perfect to keep toys and essentials in. 

Kings & Queens Castle Bed

Kings & Queens Castle Bed

First impressions: Little prince and princess dreams are made of this. It resembles something out of a fairytale. 

Kids will love: The crown headboard above their pillow, which will make them feel like an actual prince or princess.  

You’ll love: How much your kids will have a positive association with going to bed. This castle cocoon oozes warmth and magic, so it’ll make bedtime that much more special (and successful). 

The Baby Cot Shop’s top tip: Place this against your feature wall – the place you want everyone to look as soon as they walk into the room. It naturally gives a regal feel to their bedroom, so don’t be afraid to go with that theme and kit out their room with the most ornate décor. 

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