Luxury Round Baby Cribs: Beautiful Beatrice or Elegant Evangeline?

Our new Beatrice and Evangeline cribs are simply divine. Designed to be the focal point of your luxurious nursery, these stylish cribs are made with high-quality hard wood, whilst their round shape gives you greater access to baby as well as occupying less wall space for extra artwork and to fully showcase any patterned wallpaper.

Both cribs combine traditional design with modern aesthetics and are stunning alternatives to an upholstered cot bed. The luxury linens in these cribs are hand-finished and available in a wide variety of fine fabrics. The perfect crib to pass down for generations – a true heirloom piece!

Not sure which to choose?


The beautiful Beatrice Luxury Crib is finished in ivory, with matching soft ivory cushioning and tulle ruffles. This crib will complete an off-white nursery room, radiating fresh, modern and soothing vibes to keep baby calm at all times. This subtle colour palette makes it easy to accessorise once baby arrives if you wish to decorate with gender themed colours. A classic timeless first crib and the perfect modern baby crib with a touch of tradition.


The elegant Evangeline Luxury Crib is available in gold leaf finish, silver leaf and gloss white, complete with velvet cushioning and velvet ruffles. It’s most popular finish, gold leaf, accomplishes an ode to light, calmness and golden grace. It’s antique style invites baby to sleep like an angel in its plush bedding. The opposing options of silver and white also create a magical harmony. The perfect stylish and traditional baby crib for your sweet little one.

For baby’s first bed, you won’t go wrong with either of these delightful cribs. Made to the highest quality and safety standards, you can be sure that your little one will be sleeping peacefully in blissful luxury.

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