How to Make a New Sleeping Environment Feel Like Home: Hotel Edition

Going on holiday? Hooray! But the big question on every mum’s mind is: how will my baby be sleeping in the hotel room? Don’t fret, we’ve got you covered – from wind down time to ensuring a peaceful night’s sleep. Here’s how to give your hotel room a sleep-worthy makeover…  
Wash with: Royal Blue Collection Hooded Towel & Mitt Set
sleeping_bunny_buddy   Bath time is a winner when it comes to winding down, so don’t forget about it when you’re away.  Incredibly soothing and calming for your baby, a warm bath can help relax, especially when you wash and massage their skin with the Royal Blue Collection Hooded Towel & Mitt Set. Whilst the bath may be a different (and probably swanky) hotel tub, it doesn’t mean you can’t sing, play and bond just like you do at home.   
Change with: London Grey Changing Mat Cover 
sleeping changing mat Our next rule? Bring your changing mat when staying at a hotel – either your day to day favourite or a foldable one. Whichever you pack, take a changing mat cover like the London Grey Collection Changing Mat and wash it before you leave. Not only will the scent remind them of home comforts (even if you simply lay it on top of your travel changing mat), but it also feels luxuriously soft, thanks to the plush velour fabric.  
Swaddle with: Carousel Swaddle By Atelier Choux
sleeping atelier swaddle If your little darling likes being swaddled while sleeping, keep it up on holiday too. Swaddling has heaps of benefits, such as helping them feel secure and calm and mimicking the womb environment. Looking for the most elegant swaddle around? The Carousel Swaddle By Atelier Choux is a charming, multi-purpose blanket that can also be used for tummy time, changing, breastfeeding and the pram. Plus, we love the traditional fairground design. Just wow!   
Sleeping with: Majestic Gold Bunny Blankie 
luxury baby sleeping blanket   You won’t regret packing their toy comforter, like the adorable Majestic Gold Bunny Blankie. Whether they’re in the hotel cot or a travel cot of your own, it’ll help reassure them as they take in their new surroundings. What’s more, if you are sleeping with the comforter for a few nights before your holiday, it’ll take in your natural aroma. Then, in your hotel room, give your baby the comforter as they drift off and start smelling the best scent in the world – you!  
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