How to give baby's nursery a book-inspired makeover, from Dear Zoo to Sleeping Beauty


We all remember our favourite books as a child. So there’s really nothing more magical than giving their nursery a book-inspired makeover, allowing their favourite stories to come alive around them. This makes for the most intriguing and exciting space for your little one as they start to explore the same animals, characters and backdrop as their top reads. From modern day stories to classic fairy tales, start your book-inspired nursery quest here…

Dear Zoo by Rod Campbell

Many parents grew up reading this hit book themselves, so it’s extra special that this generation of children equally love it. The book sees different zoo animals appear under flaps, telling a sweet story about the animals the zoo has sent to the reader – there’s a monkey, snake, elephant, giraffe and even a frog! At the end, they send the most perfect house pet, a dog! Be inspired by the animal theme via wild wallpaper, animal themed wall art and sweet toys. Once you read this to them, you could point out the matching nursery items to really engage and inspire. Now, every time they spot their favourite animal in their room, they’ll connect it to Dear Zoo. 

Get the look from The Baby Cot Shop

Animalis Wallpaper for wild animal wallpaper

Giraffe Danny for a majestic giraffe, like the one in Dear Zoo

Elephant Safari Print for the most enchanting wall art


On Safari Blue Fitted Sheet for chic bedding with a cheeky monkey design

Sleeping Beauty by Charles Perrault

Originally written as a classic fairy tale and then made into a Disney film in 1959, the book tells the story of a princess who is cursed by an evil fairy. She is destined to sleep for 100 years on her 16th birthday, but the true love’s kiss that breaks the spell is her happy ending. In the book, you can’t help but notice the palatial décor and cradle where Princess Aurora sleeps as a baby. Be inspired by the regal décor and furniture and turn their nursery into a little palace with The Baby Cot Shop’s most charming pieces. How to do it? Choose draping accents, grand features, gold embellishments and plush velvet. 

Get the look from The Baby Cot Shop

Balmoral Cot Bed for a cot fit for a true prince or princess


Balmoral Wall Crown to mount a hanging canopy like the Majestic Gold Collection Canopy on over their cot, bed, reading corner or den



Grace Moses Basket for the most delightful and adorable sleeping space 

Ayesha Classic Crib for the most elegant bed for newborns, complete with plush velvet and fine gold lace

The Gruffalo by Julia Donaldson

Babies and kids love this picture book, which sees a mouse walk through the woods meeting different animals – and of course, the Gruffalo! He invents a tale about the Gruffalo to each animal, in the hope to scare them off, until he is struck by the Gruffalo himself. When it comes to creating a nursery inspired by The Gruffalo, you’ll want to pick woodland themed décor and forest animals that really bring the theme to life. Luckily, woodland-themed nurseries are all the hype, mainly because they’re perfect unisex picks, boast longevity from bundle to big kid and bring a sense of adventure inside. 

Get the look from The Baby Cot Shop

Squeak Navy Leather Shoes to add to their shoe collection in their nursery, showcasing a sweet mouse on each foot

Fox Fiorella for a friendly fox toy they’ll want to play and snuggle up with, made from 100% recycled stuffing

Woods Light Green Wallpaper for a subtle yet mystical woodland wallpaper

Grey Liberty Champignons by Casadeco for a fabric patterned with little mushrooms and foliage offering a sweet nod to woodland wonders

Guess How Much I Love You by Sam McBratney

You can’t help but fall in love with Guess How Much I Love You. The tale is about two hares who express how much they mean to each other in the most heart-warming story. Little Nutbrown Hare and Big Nutbrown Hare are the son and dad duo that have captured our hearts since forever, so giving baby’s nursery a bunny-themed nursery is a must-do. Bunnies are a symbol of childhood innocence, adventure, gentleness and new beginnings, so there’s nothing more perfect to decorate their room. From bunny imprinted fabric to huggable toys, there’s usually a bunny-themed version of all your favourite nursery items. The Baby Cot Shop has the most beauty bunny pieces, so you’ve come to the right place. 

Get the look from The Baby Cot Shop

Bunny Mummy & Me Print to frame an adorable illustration that represents a mum and baby bond


Jellycat Bashful Beige Bunny Blanket for a reversible, mocha hued blanket to keep them snuggly and warm

Blossom Bea Beige Bunny in Medium to gift them the perfect buddy to play with or make bedtime a little more comforting

White Bunny Nursery Rug that sees a bunny hopping in a meadow, perfect for doing tummy time, play time or storytime on

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