How to Create a Peaceful Nursery Vibe in 5 Easy Steps

You can’t beat a peaceful nursery that uplifts you every time you walk in. Wondering how to add some calming influences into your little one’s room? Here’s your guide…
Harmonious hues are essential for any peaceful baby nursery. Offering a cosy, subtle vibe, these colours are what creates the room’s character and energy. So where to begin? Avoid bright, bold and contrasting wall paint that can give a room an overwhelming feel. Instead choose muted, neutral shades like white, cream or beige that may look subtle but feel homely and safe. Wallpaper more your thing? The Ark Sand Wallpaper is a subtle yet adorable animal print your mini explorers will love. Or if you want a more colourful nursery palette, we’d recommend choosing pastel shades of yellow, blue or green through furniture like the Salome Nursery Glider rocking chair, which can be personalised in a variety of colours.
  [caption id="attachment_4867" align="aligncenter" width="500"]Monnalisa Living Cradle by Savio Firmino Monnalisa Living Cradle by Savio Firmino[/caption]  
You may not have thought about it before, but positive symbols go a long way in creating a peaceful nursery. Take a look at our top picks here:
  • Rainbows: A symbol of new beginnings and hope, which could be painted on walls, designed on a rug or in framed art.
  • Butterfly: Not just a stunning creature, but also a symbol of transformation and looking forward. Check out the Butterflies and Dragonflies Beige Wallpaper for a sweet, wild vibe.
  • Flowers: Floral fan? Flowers represent luck and purity, so a baby cradle like the Monnalisa Living Cradle by Savio Firmino with its delicate floral linen is just the thing to set the tone.
  • Train: Trains signify new journeys and direction. Plus, they’re a firm favourite amongst kids. Treat them to a jaw-droppingly incredible bed, courtesy of the Small Train Bed by Savio Firmino.
  [caption id="attachment_4096" align="aligncenter" width="792"]modern-nursery-ideas Modern Cot Bed[/caption]  
Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese tradition that helps balance a room through furniture and object placement – and therefore promoting harmony and a new energy for you internally. The best news is, whilst you may have heard about or tried feng shui in areas of your home, it can also be applied to baby’s nursery. Firstly, don’t place your little one’s cot close to the door, so it has its own space. Make sure the head of the cot is against a solid wall so your baby feels cosy, instead of it being placed in the middle of the room and isolated on its own. Additionally, when it comes to décor and items, wooden material can have a more calming influence than harsh, plastic items.
If there’s one thing we’re loving this year already it’s rainbow décor. Part of our Interiors of Hope campaign, rainbows add positivity and adventure into a nursery. For a peaceful (and Pinterest-inspired) nursery atmosphere, choose the Hope, Love and Kindness framed rainbow prints that fit perfectly into any nursery – whether its unisex, modern or traditional. Or looking for a bespoke hand-painted rainbow for the room’s wall or ceiling? The Baby Cot Shop’s in-house artist service works with your vision and taste to create the most perfect design. Get in touch with us for more information.
Designing The nursery
Designing a nursery can be tricky, especially if you don’t have much time on your hands. Let us do the hard work for you – from start to finish. With over 10 years’ experience, The Baby Cot Shop’s Interior Design Service is here to design, plan and build the baby nursery or kids room of your dreams. We’ll be your helping hand through every step - consulting, creating mood boards, sharing samples, styling and fitting, providing tradesmen and making sure you have a stress-free journey. Find out more information here.
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