How To Create A Jungle-Themed Nursery In 4 Simple Steps


Loving jungle-inspired interiors? You can do it in your baby’s nursery too. Your Pinterest Board can officially become a reality, thanks to The Baby Cot Shop’s exotic jungle décor options. So whether you’re looking for a unisex nursery theme or your child wants an adventurous bedroom revamp, here are the essentials to whisk you straight to the jungle…


Not only is green a trending colour for baby nurseries this year (sage, olive and emerald shades are big right now), but it’s also the perfect colour for a jungle-themed interior. Think green fabrics, paint, indoor plants, leafy designs and botanical patterns. Don’t be shy, feel free to mix contrasting green hues together and choose big, bold elements to create the perfect jungle aesthetic. Top tip: Don’t just stick to a green colour palette – yellows, beiges, browns and earthy hues compliment green scenes particularly well. 

Essentials from The Baby Cot Shop:

Bogarde Swivel Armchair 

Secret Garden Light Green Wallpaper 



Be transported deep into a dense jungle with wild animal wall art. We suggest hanging two or three pictures above their changing unit in your little one’s nursery (remember, it’s advised not to hang anything above their cot). When it comes to the jungle, there are many majestic creatures to choose from – lions, elephants, monkeys and toucans to name a few. Or perhaps, the jungle landscape is more your thing, which can add serenity and a sense of escapism to their room. By hanging up jungle wall art like this, your child can channel their inner explorer and be fascinated by creatures and nature – who knows, this could even inspire their playtime activities! 

Essentials from The Baby Cot Shop:

Lion Mummy and Me Print

Elephant Mummy and Me Print


Wallpaper is all the hype right now. Just the thing to set the tone whilst adding enchantment and playfulness to their nursery, you’ll quickly realise it’s not just for chic bathrooms and ultra-modern lounges. When it comes to your sweetheart’s nursery, you could pick a wallpaper that incorporates the jungle landscape or wildlife – either way, it’s where fun meets elegance. The best part? Jungle wallpaper boasts longevity – it’s designed in unisex colours, so you won’t have to switch things up if you’re looking to change it into a sibling’s room. Plus, it grows with your child and can easily be their wallpaper from newborn to big kid. 

Essentials from The Baby Cot Shop:

Cheeky Monkey Ebony Wallpaper

Happy Dreams Savanna Beige Wallpaper


Need a personal nursery stylist to create your baby’s jungle nursery? We’re at your service. Your wish is our command when it comes to creating the most elegant jungle nursery, so allow us to design, plan and build your dream room, whatever your requirements. We’ll hold your hand throughout the process from start to finish, consulting, creating mood boards, sharing samples, styling and fitting and providing tradesmen. Ready for some serious jungle fever? Start your journey here.

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