From Baby to Big Kid: Nursery Furniture That Grows With Your Child

When shopping for your little bundle-to-be, it’s easy to buy items for the ‘now’ and not think about the future. Well, our top tip when investing in nursery furniture is to check its longevity: How long will it last for? Until what age is it suitable?
Luckily, at The Baby Cot Shop you can have the best of both worlds – furniture you need for your baby now that will also grow with them in time. Here are our top picks…
TriBeCa Tufted Cot Bed
Personalised Luxury Baby Furniture
Cot shopping can be tricky to get your head around. To make it easier, you have two choices – a traditional cot, which they’ll sleep in until around 18 months - 2 years old, or a cot bed that will last them until they’re 4-6 years old. For a cot bed that grows with your child from six months old to big kid (all you’ll need to do is remove the sides), opt for the TriBeCa Tufted Cot Bed. With fine fabric upholstery that can be tailored to your taste, this is a must-have for every charming nursery.
The Cadogan Changing Unit
Luxury upholstered cot bed
Changing units are a nursery essential, but if you’re seeking something that you can use way beyond the nappy changing days, look no further. The Cadogan Changing Unit has a removable changer top, so when the time comes (sob), you’ll be able to use it as a chest of drawers – yay! Another bonus, it has seven drawers of storage, so you’ll always have a place for their gorgeous clothes.
Salome Nursery Glider
Salome Nursery Glider
A glider is perhaps the most important nursery furniture piece. From baby feeding to reading themselves, the most special memories will be made on the Salome Nursery Glider. We love the overstuffed cushions for comfort and warmth, whilst the gliding and swivelling motion make their reading before bedtime even more fun. And just because we like to treat you to bespoke furniture, the cotton and velvet finishes are completely customisable.
Maze Rug
You’ll be amazed to see your child adapt to the Maze Rug as they grow. Once your baby has arrived, you’ll be encouraged to start tummy time (around 1-2 minutes a day at first, building up to 10-15 minutes), so you can’t go wrong with choosing this luxuriously soft base. Then, once they’re at toddler age, they’ll love racing through the maze with their toy cars. Ready, set, vroom!
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