6 Baby Essentials to Invest in During your First Trimester

Welcome to the first trimester! You may be keeping your exciting baby news to yourself or perhaps you can’t keep it a secret any longer – either way you’ll want to start thinking about your mum must-haves for the months to come. We recommend snagging these luxurious essentials to kick off the most exciting journey of your life…  
Sunflower Nursery Art Print
Interiors of Hope Sunflower   Sunflower fever is everywhere this season, which is why the flower is taking centre-stage in our Interiors of Hope campaign. Injecting a bright, radiant feel to every snuggly setting, this wall art print is perfect for unisex or gender specific nurseries. It symbolises good luck and happiness, so there’s nothing more fitting to invest in right now. Grab it to hang in your room for a dose of visual positivity each day, then once your baby’s nursery is ready, move it there. Seeking more adorable wall art? Check out the Voyages Hot Air Balloon Print and Lion Mummy & Me Print  
Jellycat Odyssey Octopus Soft Toy 
Buying your bump a toy in your first trimester may sound daunting, but it can also keep you uplifted and excited. We suggest choosing a gorgeous, squishy toy like Odyssey that will constantly remind you of all the good times ahead (yep, we know the first trimester can be tough). And did you know that octopus toys can be extremely soothing for newborns? That’s right, their tentacles are thought to replicate the placenta in the womb, making them instantly calming for babies. What’s more, the more you cuddle it, the more it will naturally smell of you  - just the thing to comfort your little sweetheart when they arrive.  
The Baby Cot Shop’s Interior Design Service
Mums, now is the perfect time to start thinking about your baby nursery plans. Introducing The Baby Cot Shop’s Interior Design Service, where a team of experts design, plan and build the nursery of your dreams. With over 10 years’ experience, you can have peace of mind that everything will be created specifically to your style and taste. The most premium way to kick off your pregnancy experience, you’ll have your own personal nursery stylist, so you can sit back, relax and watch as their magical space unfolds. Start your journey here.  
Madison Nursery Glider
Madison glider If there’s one thing to make you feel relaxed in your first trimester, it’s the Madison Nursery Glider. You may think it’s a little early to buy, but here’s why you need it now – the cushioned, spacious chair is perfect for sitting on with your growing bump, keeping your back and posture in good stead. Moreover, you’re bound to do a lot of reading and napping in your first trimester – and this definitely beats the couch (plus, when you get to your third trimester it’ll be a saviour!). Once your precious bundle arrives, this can go straight into their little haven, ready for all those special bonding experiences like feeding, reading and cuddles.  
Louise Changing Bag
Ok mums-to-be, it’s time to treat yourself to a stunning new handbag – one that’ll come in very useful when your little darling enters the world. The sophisticated Louise Changing Bag doesn’t sacrifice on style, so you can easily sport this as a handbag until your baby arrives. Exclusively made in Italy, it features excellent internal storage, two handles that can attach to a pram and an adjustable shoulder strap. That’s what you call a practical mum buy!  
Liberty Eloise Blue Bodysuit
liberty eloise bodysuit Whether you want to buy them their first bodysuit or plan to reveal your pregnancy with a little outfit, this is divine. With a unique collar designed in Liberty’s elegant fabric, it’s timeless and super-cute. Style with a pair of jeans, dress or cardigan – gorgeous! If you’re already purchasing their first wardrobe pieces, take a look at the Classic Clothes Hanger by Savio Firmino for the sweetest way to display their clothes.    
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