The Importance of Art in Child Development: Insights from Director Acoris Andipa of The Andipa Gallery

At the Baby Cot Shop we are firm admirers of great aesthetics, Both within our designs and approach to interior design, a unified colour scheme or theme brings together a room in an engrossing and inspiring way. Of course, closely associated with interiors: art too is a subject that can bring a room together, share stories and help young imaginations to paint bright futures. In today’s blog, we speak with Director Acoris Andipa of The Andipa Gallery about the important role art can play in helping child development. 

For 56 years, Andipa has assisted generations of collectors across the world to acquire the very best in contemporary art. Established in 1967, the gallery is known, in particular, for its selection of Banksy original paintings for sale as well as offering original works by artistic luminaries such as Damien Hirst, Joan Miro and Andy Warhol amongst others. This wide range of contemporary art covers a vast array of styles that can lend themselves to fostering inquisitive minds. 

Acoris says, “Art of course is a broad term and that’s what makes it so exciting both as a means of inspiration and of creative expression - none more so than for our younger collectors. For me, the biggest way art can inspire is through creativity and imagination as it provides a platform for children to express their ideas, thoughts, and feelings in creative ways. This helps to stimulate their imagination and encourages them to think outside the box. 

Of course, creating art involves problem-solving, decision-making, and critical thinking, all of which are essential skills for cognitive development. Through art, children learn to analyse, interpret, and make decisions about the colours, shapes, and materials they use.


Often overlooked, art not only works on the intellectual but also develops fine motor skills through activities like drawing, painting, and sculpting. As they grip and manipulate tools like paintbrushes, pencils, and clay, they strengthen their hand-eye coordination and dexterity.

As an activity that can be enjoyed with others, art promotes opportunities for children to collaborate, share ideas, and communicate with others. This helps to build their social skills and can help them to develop positive relationships with peers and adults. On top of this, and one that is rather in vogue at the moment is how art also helps children to understand and express their emotions. As they create art, they may use colours and images to represent their feelings, which can be therapeutic and help them to process difficult emotions.

On behalf of all at The Baby Cot Shop, we would like to thank Acoris for his time. For further information on Andipa’s Banksy signed prints for sale or any other questions, contact the gallery via or call +44 (0)20 7589 2371. 


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