Elevating Tradition: Luxurious Baby Ceremonies in the Heart of the Middle East


Setting the Perfect Scene for your Baby Ceremony

At The Baby Cot Shop, we understand that welcoming a newborn into your life is a moment of pure magic, a cherished memory that deserves to be adorned with the finest touches of luxury and care.

With clients spanning the elegant landscapes of Dubai, the timeless traditions of Saudi Arabia, the splendour of Abu Dhabi, and the stylish streets of Qatar, our passion lies in weaving together the tapestry of tradition and opulence for families across the Middle East.

Introducing our Most Exclusive Luxury Nursery Furniture

It's our pleasure to introduce you to the Ayesha Crib and Ivy Rose Luxury Crib, two exquisite creations that encapsulate the essence of your most treasured moments. As a new parent, there's nothing like the excitement and joy of welcoming a new baby. Our cribs are designed to provide a safe and comfortable sleeping environment for your little one while adding elegance and charm to your nursery.


Cradling Dreams: The Ayesha Crib

Ayesha Luxury Gold Crib from the Baby Cot Shop

Named after the grace and beauty of its namesake, the Ayesha Crib is more than just a piece of furniture—it's a work of art designed to embrace your baby's dreams with the same warmth and love you do. Crafted with intricate lace, luxurious velvet, soft cotton, and delicate voile, this crib harmoniously weaves textures that reflect opulence and comfort. The Ayesha Crib is a cocoon of elegance and love, ensuring your little one slumbers peacefully during the Tasmiyah, Aqiqah, and other cherished ceremonies that grace this joyous occasion.



Whispers of Royalty: The Ivy Rose Luxury Crib


Ivy Rose Crib from the Baby Cot Shop Chelsea


The Ivy Rose Luxury Crib, unlike the lace-accented Ayesha Crib, is a masterpiece of cotton and voile. As delicate as the first bloom of a rose, this crib captures the essence of regality and charm. Designed to transport you to a realm of beauty and sophistication, the Ivy Rose Luxury Crib features intricate patterns that evoke whispers of royalty. It invites your baby into a world where every nap becomes a royal experience, deserving of the grandeur of your celebrations.


A Harmony of Heritage and Opulence

Our lace-accented Ayesha Crib and cotton-and-voile Ivy Rose Luxury Crib harmonise seamlessly with the cherished ceremonies that define the moments following your child's birth.

As you envelop your newborn in the finery of tradition during the Tasmiyah and Aqiqah, allow us to weave in the threads of luxury, creating a cocoon of love and comfort that's as enchanting as it is elegant.

Preserving Memories

Just as every heartbeat is a melody of love, every ceremony is a symphony of memories waiting to be treasured. The Ayesha Crib and Ivy Rose Luxury Crib are not mere cribs; they are vessels that safeguard the laughter, the tears, and the whispers of affection exchanged during these precious occasions. Each photograph taken beside these cribs is a testament to the love surrounding your little one.


Choosing Elegance

By embracing our Ayesha Crib and Ivy Rose Luxury Crib, you will envelop your newborn in a world of opulence, grace, and style. Every slumber becomes an ode to luxury, and every ceremony a tribute to tradition. As you seek to make your baby's welcome a celebration of heritage and splendour, let our cribs stand as symbols of your commitment to embracing the past while embracing the future.

In the heart of Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Abu Dhabi, and Qatar, we at The Baby Cot Shop are dedicated to crafting experiences that resonate with the warmth of family, the grandeur of tradition, and the allure of luxury. With the Ayesha Crib and Ivy Rose Luxury Crib, we invite you to create a haven of beauty and comfort for your newborn, allowing every ceremony, including the Tasmiyah and Aqiqah, to be a timeless reflection of love and elegance.

These exquisite cribs are customised with different lace options tailored to your preferences. Moreover, your child's name can be elegantly embroidered in any thread colour, including precious gold and silver.

The dimensions of the cribs are 68 x 102 x H159cm. Delivered ready to use and includes mattress, fitted sheet and dressing. Eco-conscious parents can opt for an organic mattress.


Elevating your Ceremony 

For those seeking an even more opulent piece, we proudly present the Evangeline Round Cradle—an epitome of luxury and sophistication that transcends the ordinary and transforms your baby's nursery into a regal sanctuary.



In the tapestry of life, these cribs are the threads that weave together your heritage, celebrations, and love. Embrace the past, embrace the future, and let The Baby Cot Shop be your partner in creating an exquisite canvas for your newborn's journey.

All items are exclusively made to order. Contact our nursery design specialists via phone or email to arrange a personal shopping session via video chat, or in-person at our Chelsea boutique.


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